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Apr 15, 2008 05:53 AM

Top Non-Hotel Restaurants in Vegas

We'll be going to the National Bridge Tournament in Las Vegas in mid-July. Sadly, the afternoon session ends around 4:30 or so and the evening session begins at 7:30. This gives us a rather narrow window for a good dinner. In the past we've found that the timing doesn't allow us to go to the hotel restaurants. We'll be at the Hilton on Paradise Road. I've been searching this forum for restaurants (they have to be open by 5 or 5:30 to work at all). Any suggestions you can make will be appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. 1) Are you going to have a car?

    2) Type of food?

    3) Budget?

    If you do not have a car, it is going to very difficult and/or expensive to go out to dinner. One place to check out on the Strip is the Peppermill next to the Stardust.

    1. I'd consider Firefly on Paradise, a good local tapas restaurant that opens for lunch and stays open throughout the day. It's pretty quick (especially early) and should be easy in/out. You'd need to cab it, but you won't be on the strip. Other options in the vicinity include neighboring dragonfly (small asian plates, and I actually prefer it to Firefly) and the restaurants at the Hard Rock, although I don't know if they'd be open early enough.

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        In the same shopping center as Firefly is a great Japanese steakhouse - they have teppanyaki and sushi. I've only eaten there during off peak times (they're open late) and have had the owner/chef cook for me a number of times and have always enjoyed myself. The prices are reasonable and it's a very short cab ride from the Hilton.

        Musashi Japanese Steakhouse
        3900 Paradise Rd Ste W, Las Vegas, NV 89169

      2. Rosemary's Restaurant, in Sutherlin, is the best in Vegas, hands down. Expensive cab ride, but worth it.

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          In the LV Hilton Benihana, Casa Nicola and TJ's Steakhouse are all open daily and serve dinner beginning at 5:30PM.

          The House of Lords in the Sahara is within walking distance and it opens at 5PM.

          Origin India is generally considered the best Indian restaurant in Las Vegas and it is located on Paradise Road. Dinner is served as soon as they stop serving lunch.

          Lotus of Siam is a short cab ride awa and it opens at 5:30PM.

          One quick way to find restaurants that are open at 5 or 5:30PM is to use This will not only provide you with a list of available restaurants, but enable you to make advance reservations.

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            I randomly put 5:30 into the search engine at Open Tables for restaurants near or on the Strip and got 79 hits. Of course, the restaurants listed on Open Table lean toward the "commercial." If you don't have a computer in your restaurant, you don't utilize Open Table (so, for example, Lotus of Siam is out).

            I'm coming for the same tournament, Linda. In practice, especially if you have access to a car, finding restaurants isn't much of a challenge -- I always leave the Hilton.

        2. Todd's Unique Dining is one of my fav restaurants in town. They open at 4:30pm 4350 Sunset Rd. Great steak/seafood.

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            Thanks for all the answers so far!!! I'm printing as I type lol!!!