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Apr 15, 2008 05:51 AM


A friend is coming into New York for a week and wants to dine in Bensonhurst. I assume he's looking for Italian since we are both southern Italians. We prefer places with good wine lists. Pasticcerie too, thanks

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  1. Il Colosseo, senza dubbia, on 77th and 18th Avenue. Brick oven pizza, fresh fish on the grill, grilled octopus from heaven, fine pastas, small but serviceable wine list, and perhaps one of the last un-selfconsciously Italian family spots around--the feel is really much more like that of a mid-range trattoria in a residential area of, say, Naples, Bari, or Catania. Oh yeah, swift, professional, and friendly service. And amazing value.

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      You covered all the basis.I haven't been there yet, but based on what you've written, I intend to try it. Thanks for a great,review!
      Quick question: Do they have sidewalk/outdoor seating?

    2. Go to Villabate on 18th Avenue for pastries.

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        It's amazing... From appetizers to desserts, you know all the really great places

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          obo96 is spot on about Il Colosseo. The pizzas make great appetizers but save room for the grilled octopus as it should not be missed. I usually go for one of the seafood specials for my entrée and have never been disappointed. They do not have outdoor seating.

          1. re: nychas

            Thanks for the info. I love having pizza as an appetizer. Any rec as to a particular favorite?
            Now I REALLY want to go!:-}

            1. re: Tay

              My preference is to keep it simple. I tend to almost always get the Napoli -sauce, cheese, and anchovies. They offer a variety of pies or you can also pretty much design your own. They even offer one without cheese. They are six slice pies, so perfect as a shared appetizer.

              1. re: nychas

                That sounds like excellent advice...
                Except for the 'sharing' part :-}
                Now I'm going to see if they have a menu on line.
                Thanks again

      2. Thanks peoples. How's the food at Da Tomasso?

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          The food at Da Tomasso is very average but the wine list is one of the best and most affordable in NY.

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            Amazingly, I agree with Josh
            (Who said Pigs can't fly?)

            1. re: Tay

              It's Tomasso's (1464 86th Street) not Da Tomasso (as far as I know). Their veal is excellent and the semifreddo is out of this world. You will have a good meal there with great wine selectoin.

          2. Thanks people. My friend is an Italian wine guy. He wants to go to Bensonhurst since he's never been and so do I. All your suggestions are appreciated.

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            1. re: Marco

              id say da tomasso is a little bit better than merely "average." not in a league with, say, al di la or lupa, but its very solid and a great scene.