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Apr 15, 2008 04:46 AM

Le Papillon is moving

I noticed yesterday that the space formerly known as Izakaya at Front & Church now has a sign in the window announcing that "Le Papillon on Front" will be opening there in May. I assume that's because the restaurant's old location is slated for demolition for a condo project. According to their website, they're also planning another location on Eastern Ave to open in August.

I've walked by Le Papillon many times with curiosity but I've never been in, partly because of the very mixed things I've read here. I'm optimistic that with the move to new digs, maybe they'll spiff up the food a bit and modernize the decor into something more attractive to people other than tourists visiting the Sony Centre...

Le Papillon
69 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E1B5, CA

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  1. I always thought of Le Papillon as one of those places that was dying a slow death over the years and couldn't believe it still existed. What a waste of space where Izakaya used to be. I can't imagine them improving very much unless it's completely different management/new head chef.

    1. I truly hope they keep the chairs from the old location -- those things are epic in their uncomfortableness

      1. Izakaya was an embarrasment,

        1. wow really
          la papillon is a sad story.
          my last eatable meal was a brunch in '96. The staff has ever since been incompetent, the food dry and boring, and the atmosphere was just sad. I still have relatives coming to Toronto for the first time and demanding to try their crepes (ala frommers' recommendations in the 90s). On each occasion, I felt embarrassed.
          I hope they will do something new and bring the old energy back!

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            I ate at La Papillon one time. I was surprised by how awful it was. The food was not tasty (at all). There was nothing 'alive' about the place - environment, wait staff, food. I didn't finish my meal.
            I think, while paying, I menitoned that I was disappointed with the food but the person at the cash gave no response.
            The restaurant was advertised, by a peoples' choice poll, to be the best French restaurant in Toronto. I'm not from Toronto but I felt a sense of embarrassment that visitors to the city would be met with such food.

          2. This new location seemed to be open and doing steady business as of yesterday afternoon. The place *looks* pretty nice...