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Apr 15, 2008 04:16 AM

Share Your Every Day Dining Spots?

Hi Hounds>

We eat out quite frequently and often try new restaurants. The ones that STICK (not stink) are my topic today. Which restaurants are your regular haunts? It's always fun to get new places into my rotation or revisit forgotten old favorites.

What are your GO-TO places (and "regular" dishes) for Summer 2008? Where are you going for whatever you really crave these days? Eat in or Take-Out... meals, desserts, guilty pleasures, your favorite fried egg sandwich, donut, just-like-ma's chicken soup - whatever.

SFla hounds talk so much about Michael's, and I am enjoying the cupcake wars... but what about the REST of your BEST roster? Share you everyday dining spots and favorite dishes with the board please...


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  1. Trattoria Sole in South Miami has great Italian food. It's a nice neighborhood place that has above-average food and a nice ambience. My favorite dish is the rigatoni with pancetta and pumpkin pieces in a caramelized onion cream sauce. To die for!

    Next door, the same owners have Pizzeria Blu. My favorite is the "Blu", kind of like an open calzone filled with meat, cheese, or veggies, but without the tomato sauce. Blu also has good fresh salads.

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    1. Well...since you asked for the best fried egg sandwich...believe it or not, it's at the convenience store at my local Mobil station. George runs the cleanest grill I've ever seen, bacon is NEVER greasy, everything is cooked to order, rolls are fresh, eggs are cooked perfectly, it just doesn't have much in the way of ambience. ;-) They also have a ton of flavored coffees, so while it doesn't make up for that really good cup I"m still searching for, it's definitely passable for a to-go on the way to work. It's the Windsor Square Mobil on Wiles and Coral Ridge Drive. Scoff if you will, but I"ve never had a yucky breakfast sandwich there ever.

      Favorite lunch lately is at Falafel Bistro, the Tuscan sandwich. Also Wiles, just east of Coral Ridge. I can scoot in for a quick sandwich and still be on the car line at school in time to pick up my son.

      Favorite place for drinks with friends is Gold Coast Grill on University Drive. I like their food too!

      Favorite sushi is a tie between Sakura, and Nu Sushi, both on University.

      Also love Mambo Jambo and Bonefish Grill on University. (Really, what isn't on University?)

      Those are all in Coral Springs.

      Favorite special occasion spot is Las Olas in FTL, or Atlantic in Delray, though I recently went to Lake Ave in Lake Worth and had a blast, and a good meal. (Bizaare Ave Cafe)

      On Las Olas, I love Timpano (I know others will disagree, but I"ve never been disappointed there), Rinos Tuscan Grille, and the Grill Room in the Riverside Hotel, and also Mark's. Do not like Johnny V...

      Favorite in Delray...32 East and DaDa.

      1. Love the Daily for breakfast or lunch sandwiches. Quick stop at Lime for Mexican is always good. Clarke's does good upscale pub food during the week. Matsuri for sushi is always nice. Roasters n Toasters for a deli/bagel sandwich. For a brew and blackened dolphin sandwich I like Titanic. Deli sandwiches as Gardners, though not as good as it was before the original owners sold.

        1. I travel a lot for work and thus find myself returning to a home with nothing in the fridge and little energy to go out and purchase food then have to cook it. So, I tend to eat out a fair amount. I live in the Grove and I try to keep it healthy as possible. So, I find myself hitting up Jaguar at least once a week for some ceviche and 1/2 chicken caesar which is a great light meal. That or I go a tad heavier with the Shrimp Trio. Cant beat either and the bartenders there know how to pour a bourbon. I also find myself dining at Tu Tu Tango probably once a week or 2. I know, I know, the food is nothing to write home to mom and dad about but I like the tapas concept because you can get a lot of different flavors for a good price without leaving there feeling insanely full. Like Jaguar, this place also has a great set of bartenders. Both are about 1.5 blocks from my house too. I may have a new neighborhood spot to frequent too provided they do something to gain more exposure. There is a new Peruvian restaurant called "Pisco" on Mary and Oak in the Grove that I tried Saturday for an early dinner. The food was awesome. A tad pricey but reasonable based on portion sizes.

          If Im driving somewhere for a "go-to" meal, its probably Matsuri for sushi or Le Bon for the mussel pots. I also have hit up Michael's about once a week for the past few months so that is in the rotation as well.

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            Blind, if you are ever at sardinia and they have spanish mussles on the specials menu, get them. They are far superior to any mussles you will get at le bon. Unfortunately, they do not have them often...

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              Thanks tp, Sardinia is on my list of places to try so I'll look for the mussels. Sardinia was recently on After Hours w/ Daniel Boulud and the chef there is pretty funny. First guy that didnt seem overly happy to have Daniel in his kitchen and even called him out as "scouting" before opening a restaurant on Miami Beach haha.

          2. Sardinia - got a new weekend brunch menu the spaghetti omlete is pretty awesome and the duo croissants are great too.
            BBQ beach
            Maison d'Azur
            Epicure - particularly, tuna & whitefish salad
            Meatball heros and cheesecake at macalusos
            Plan to visit michaels genuine more often...cremoso is the dessert above all

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