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Apr 15, 2008 03:46 AM

Healdsburg winery recs. by region

I'm going back to Northern Sonoma this summer and would love some winery recommendations. I know there are several topics already but I was hoping someone could break it down by region (Russian Rvr. Valley, Dry Creek Valley, Alexander Valley). I prefer to go to small wineries this time with low case production. Open to all wine - red and white. Favorites are Pinot, Cab, Zin, and Sauv. Blanc.

In 2006, I visited Ferrari-Carrano, Fieldstone, Preston, and Rodney Strong.

Thank you!

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  1. David Coffaro Winery on Dry Creek Road just north of Yoakim Bridge Road, on the left. Excellent Zins in particular, and they're all real characters.

    1. Gopfrich (with an umlaut) in Dry Creek makes excellent reds. Call ahead.

      1. This thread answers your question thoroughly, plus some of the posters are the most knowledgeable about wine on all of CH.

        1. Trip to Healdsburg, CA

          Stay at Honor Mansion – beautiful B&B with HUGE breakfast and afternoon snacks and wine of course. I think they had a bottle of wine with check in and it was a bday so they had a piece of cake in our room too!! Quick ride into town (3-5 minutes).
          There are places right in town but I like this. There is a hotel at Cyrus, boutique place.

          Restaurants – all right in town

          Cyrus – VERY FANCY. Over the top meal, extremely formal. I think worth the splurge - reservations mandatory.

          The Raven – great neighborhood place.You can tell it is a hang out place with terrific food. Not sure if they take reservations but always make them if you can. You may want to eat there 2x or have drinks – the townkind of rolls up early but this place is lively.

          Bistro Ralph – cute small place in town – liked it a lot.

          We also ate at Zin and it had potential but not someplace I would recommend or go back to.

          It is SO easy to visit a ton of places…..and they are all easy to get to. You can make a day of each area – I would bring food with me for lunch – go to the Healdsburg market in town for yummy sands and gourmet treats.

          Don’t miss…
          Hartford – great pinots and zins – LOVE their pinot noirs, we are members of their wine club.

          Martinelli – great chardonnays – They have the shipping boxes for wine for sale there ..

          J Vineyards – neat experience – they do food and wine for tastings so make this a stop when you feel like a snack. They have a good sparkling…..

          Great petit syrah and people. First place we went to one day.

          Davis Bynum
          They had no wine left when we went there but it is good if you can get it!

          La Crema – tasting room in town, as if you did not have enough wine on the road!!
          Save a couple of hours to walk around town.

          Roshambo – wine is marginal but place is a trip – go after you’ve had a LOT of wine and you’ll end up having some like us and thinking it’s great. The people are out of this world.

          Selby – tasting room in town. Nice reds.

          Simi – you’ve probably had it before – solid rr chard.

          Websites to check out

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            N. B.: Davis Bynum's brand has been sold. The Bynum family is now operating as River Bend. Roshambo moved its tasting room to the town of Sonoma, which is quite far from Healdsburg.

          2. Nobody has mentioned Bella yet, it's next to Preston in Dry Creek Valley. My favorite Dry Creek Valley picnic spot is at Passalacqua winery, across from Dry Creek Winery. The picnic area is set up with individual round tables in gazebos on a sloping lawn with fountains and a view. Their Sauvignon Blanc was great with lunch too.