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Apr 15, 2008 12:55 AM

Bulleit? Bulleit. How do you say that?

So I want to try this whiskey Bulleit. I have read on these boards, many positive accounts of it.... But, I'm not sure how it is pronounced. I wouldn't want to look like a fool, going around calling it the wrong thing. So how do you say that?

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  1. It's named after the distiller's family name and though I'm sure originally his ancestors pronounced it "boo-lay," he (and his family) pronounces it "bullet." And so, the name of this rye-kicked bourbon is pronounced "bullet."

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      I've always heard "bullet" as well. But I say we call it "boo-lay" just for fun. Kind of a bourbon insider's thing. Thoughts?

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        Oh thanks. Now I can request that whiskey with confidence at my local tavern or mini-mart.

      2. Had a few of the following last night and they were dangerously good:

        3 oz Bulleit
        Juice from 1/4 fresh meyer lemon
        3 oz lemonade (or less to taste)

        Pour over ice with small lemon wedge.

        1. This post is very funny! The bar where I've beeing getting it, I always as for "bullet". and I've always had it fro the same bartender everytime. The last time a new guy served it too me. I asked for "bullet" and he said, oh, you mean "boolay". I giggled. ;)

          Michael..I'm interested in trying this bullet and lemon. Thanks for sharing!

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            Oh yes, this is a very tasty bourbon. Thanks to you chowers, I was able to procure a bottle with the correct annunciation for around $25.00 And the lemon sounds nice. I'll try it with my next serving of Boolay.

          2. Bulleit is my last name and while everybody tries to make it sound French....boolay, it's just prounounced bullet.

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              In some bars in NY I sure as hell wouldn't ask for a bullet. Maybe a Plaxico, but not a bullet.....

              1. re: MOREKASHA

                Do NOT ask for a "Plaxico"'ll get a shot, all right, but it'll be in your pants!

            2. I don't know how to pronounce it, but I sure love drinking it.

              If you have an ABC liquor in your area, it's on sale through Dec. 31 for $18.99! If you even moderately enjoy whiskey, It's a must buy at that price.

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                My friend Colin Cook manages Bulleit for Southern Wine and Spirits and told me that more cases of Bulleit are sold in San Francisco than in LA and San Diego combined.

                He told me about the Bulleit Revolver:

                2 oz. Bulleit Bourbon
                ½ oz. of Tia Maria
                2 dashes of orange bitters

                Cocktail is stirred over ice (not shaken!) then strained and served up with a flaming orange peel.