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Apr 14, 2008 11:07 PM

Dinner at 5 on a Sunday

Recommendations please for nice restaurants in the Silver Lake/ Atwater towards Glendale area that would serve early bird dinners. We have a show to catch at 7:00 so can't do Canele which opens at 6:00. Thanks :-)

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  1. For good Italian, you might want to try Far Niente in Glendale - one of my favorite Italian restaurants in the L.A. area. This is a nice white tablecloth restaurant with a pleasant ambience, good service, and really good food. They have great complementary bread, but make sure you ask for an order or two of their fantastic flat crispy pizza bread and their complementary cheese. All I can say is - WOW!! And you have yet to spend a dime. Just don't fill up. Also, I know this isn't soup weather, but their Minstrone is the best I've had anywhere. It's a must try. You also can't go wrong ordering the fried calamari. For entres, I'm always impressed with the number of specials they have. They also serve good pasta dishes and pizzas. Nice wine list also.

    204 North Brand Blvd. (actually 204 and a half North Brand Blvd.)
    (818) 242-3835

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      i love the Fettuccine Cardinal Mahony - lobster, bay scallops in cognac cream tomatoe sauce!

    2. Perhaps Tam O'Shanter could be an option.

      1. Thanks for the recs :-) I read up some more on Far Niente and Tam O'Shanter. They are both very viable choices for the evening. Far Niente is even just a block from the theatre. Too bad we can't have two dinners for the evening.

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          Also, Blair's opens for lunch, and stays open through dinner. So that's a nice option as well.