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Apr 14, 2008 10:24 PM

Looking for recommendations in the Wrigley Field area.

I'm an L.A. Chowhound but will be living in Chicago (near Wrigley Field) for 4 weeks in May-June, opening a show so, I thought I'd reach out to you for dining recommendations.

Here in LA, I've hit many of the great high-end restaurants (which can be amazing but sometimes run in the neighborhood of $100 bucks a head) NOT the way I want to go when I have to buy 2 or 3 meals a day. I'm hoping you'll share your fav's and secret finds with me.

I'd be happy to return the favor.

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  1. Get on the Red Line going towards Howard. Get off at Sheridan (or better yet, walk to it) and go to TAC. Get off at Lawerence and go to Marigold for Indian, Demra for Eithopian, etc. Get off at Argyle - plethora of cheap eats. Check out Sun Wah, Ba Le, and Tank.

    Take the 22 Clark bus to Howard. Get off at Foster. Explore that stretch which includes the Hop Leaf, Sveas, Calo's, etc.

    Check out Lincoln Square. I like Fiddlehead, Essence of Indian, Jackrabbit Cafe, the Greek restuarant, and Los Nopales.

    This is just off the top of my head. Most of the neighborhoods have really excellent food at a good price points. Have fun discovering!

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      To that list I would also add Ethiopian Diamond, at 6120 N Broadway (can also access this via the red line towards Howard, get off at Granville). There are also a number of excellent Turkish restaurants and cafes in the area of Andersonville which lbs mentions (off of Clark & Foster).

      In Wrigleyville I like Star of Siam, 11 E. Illinois for solid Thai food, Penny's Noodle Shop, 3400 Sheffield is also good for decent, cheap Asian eats. I live in Orange County now, and know there are tons of good, cheap Asian restaurants in the LA area, but these places were faves of mine when I lived in Chicago. I also love Toast for cheap, but yummy breakfasts. There's two locations, the closest one to you is at 746 W Webster Ave (get the Bus: 8 to Webster, or the 73 or 74 to Halsted). Would also second the rec for My Pie for pizza as mentioned on the previous thread.

      Really hope you enjoy your time in my hometown! :-)

      1. re: FoodieKat

        >> In Wrigleyville I like Star of Siam, 11 E. Illinois

        That's in River North, and is nowhere near Wrigleyville.

        1. re: nsxtasy

          Lol, sorry there goes my sense of direction again (or lack thereof). Star of Siam is really good though.

    2. There are lots of decent, reasonably-priced places in the immediate vicinity of Wrigley. For recommendations, see the discussion at

      1. We had a lovely Sunday brunch at Home Bistro a few weeks ago. Grilled salmon on a bed of peas w/chorizo and smoked salmon club on pretzel bread, both with parmesan truffle fries. About $42 for 2 including tip -- HB is byo to keep costs down.

        HB Home Bistro
        3404 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60657

        1. Pizza Capri is very nice red-sauce joint. Good pizza, pasta, excellent calamari... at corner of Belmont and Sheffield.

          If you like great bars with tremendous beer selection try Sheffields (on Sheffield), couple blocks north of Belmont. Or even better, take a taxi up to Andersonville and visit the Hop Leaf (see their website for current beer/ale list)...

          For truly great mexican, try Nuevo Mexicano on Clark btw Wellington and Diversey.

          Tuscany's not a bad italian place on Clark north of Addison.

          For delicious Moroccan cuisine, try Andalous on Clark north of Belmont a couple blocks.

          double dittos the recs on here for TAC, also Thai Avenue on Broadway near Argyle. Alot of nice cheap vietnamese places on argyle...

          For great jazz, visit the Green Mill on Saturdays after midnite when the Sabertooth Quintet is playing, best house jazz band in chicago if not the country really.

          Wiener's Circle on Clark near Wrightwood is a trip of a scene late-nite esp. after midnite fri/sat, absolutely hilarious place to have a dog and watch the commotion.

          Higher-end, Erwin is real nice semi-haute cuisine (seasonal american) on Halsted north of diversey. Rustic French at Cafe Bernard on Halsted ... very BYOB friendly place. Vinci is semi-upscale italian also on Halsted, reasonably priced.

          Great coffeeshop: Intelligentsia on Broadway couple blocks south of Belmont. Roast their own beans, Charlie Trotter gets his coffee there (so I hear).

          Other interesting Italian places: Sapori Trattoria on Halsted... and (so shoot me), I like Basil Leaf on Clark also.

          1. Thanks everyone, can't wait to check these out.