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Apr 14, 2008 10:10 PM

Good Food in Tracy

I've been here, in Tracy CA., for a week now.

I've eaten at the Japanese/sushi, place with is two doors down from a Vietnamese place. I think it is called Bluefish. It was great. Wanted to try the Viet place but others wanted to try Bluefish instead. I want to try Saigon. I also noticed Boyongs down the road.

I also got to try a taqueria in the same strip mall as Ace hardware on Tracy Blvd. Fantastic food at fantastic prices. We came when the cooks were taking a break. The food took forever, but we quickly forgave them once the food was served. I was interested in the sushi place. I even saw Japanese guys working there.

Yesterday I ate at this great Mexican place another place I think it starts with a P. I ordered the white menudo (which is rarely served anywhere). It was wonderful. All of the plates we got except for mine was in the $13 range, and worth every cent. Service was better than great too.

Today I tried to get chinese food. Stopped by Mei Mei, but they were closed. So were ended up at Jade Garden. They just started opening on Monday's and also offer delivery. I thought it was fair to good. Service was good, and food came very fast.

Give me all the lowdown on where the good food is.

I have a feeling there is good food all around me, give me the 411, and I'll give you my thoughts

Love you Chowhouders!

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  1. I have eaten at both thai restaurants in Tracy and found both to be excellent. Gi e them a try and report back.

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      Just ate at a place called Saigon. It's a couple of doors down from Bluefish in the strip mall the has the Home Depot.

      I had the seafood combo pho and a beer (33 vietnamese beer), my buddy had the lemon grass chicken. Bill came to $21.85

      Food was excellent. Some of the best pho I've had in a long while.

      Eat there.