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Apr 14, 2008 09:22 PM

Oakland Kosher vs Tel Aviv Kosher Market and Cheap Matzah Hunt

Ok a few questions. I have been to Oakland kosher but not the Tel Aviv kosher market in the city. In general how do the two compare? Secondly are either worth making a special trip to for getting Passover stuff as opposed to what Safeway offers? With the price of gas and coming from Walnut Creek, I want it to be worth it. Lastly somewhat related, where is the best place for matzah this year? Costco stopped carrying it and this was my go to place the last few years. I make the best Matzah chocolate candy stuff and needs tons of matzah! Thanks!

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  1. I haven't visited Tel AViv Market this year, and the selection changes from year to year...nor can I compare it to Oakland Kosher...but! Tel Aviv usually carries 2-3 brand of matzoh. They usually have at least one interesting Israeli brand you won't see in the supermarket. The best passover stuff they carry are the imports. Not cheap though. There are a number of Russian markets with passover goods too, and another kosher deli to check out on Geary that;s easy to miss. Also, Molly Stones usually has a good selection by SF standards....some years are okay at Adronicos too. If might take a little running around.

    1. It's not the cheapest, but it's the best...the only matzoh I'd consider buying is an organic brand that you can find in various places, including Whole Foods. Yehuda. Here's a review: though I don't quite understand it because I have had the organic many times and it's light, crisp, and doesn't have that chalky mouthfeel that the whole wheat matzohs have (despite what the review says). Maybe it was a different variety?

      1. I have only shopped at Tel Aviv Kosher. They messed up my special order, overcharged on some items, and had a disappointing selection of the more obscure Passover items. In contrast, my East Bay relatives praise Oakland Kosher. So, though I can't made a head-to-head personal comparison, I think the superior place is also the one closer to you.

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          I think they're a bit notorious for "putting their thumb on the scale" or whatever the saying is. You have to watch them.

          The place gets ransacked so you have to go early for the oddball items. They don't have a very deep stock, so when those marshmellows go they don't replace them and eventually all they have is Matzoh, and a box of Jelly candies.

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            Yeah, I discovered after getting home from shopping that the pint-sized containers of homemade kosher chicken broth -- and I paid per pint -- only had around a cup and a half of broth each. The rip-off was annoying enough, but having to go run out and find more kosher chicken broth at the last minute was worse.

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              FYI, I've had similar experiences at Oakland Kosher. The customer service often leaves something to be desired. I've never been to Tel Aviv in person, but they tried very hard to help me over the phone when I needed a large special order (at Oakland Kosher they wouldn't even talk about helping).

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              It's worth noting that Tel Aviv is under new ownership since last Passover. The owner was trying to explain their lack of some items, that the past owner had suggested order amounts that were way below this year's demand. That said, they were well stocked as of Thursday.

              They had all the matzoh cereals (the honey O's aren't bad although fiberless, and there's the cocoa puffs knock off) and they had rye matzah, which is less chalk-like than whole wheat matzah, not overwhelmingly rye-flavored, and packs a whopping (by matzah standards) 4.5 grams of fiber per square.

              Also, one of the owners told me about a delicious matzoh item that he had "invented last night": he called them chicken "egg rolls," he used their
              chicken schnitzel and a tasty cilantro and cumin spread, rolled in a moistened matzah, brushed with an egg wash and baked. They were tasty! I plan to go back and get more, they are the perfect size for lunch with a salad or other veg.

              1. re: bernalgirl

                Hmmmm those chicken rolls sound good.

                I may try to invent a version here at home.

          2. I bought a 4 (5?) pack at Safeway (College and Telegraph) for the amazing price of $3.99! It was the Yehuda brand- don't remember if organic or not.. do they make a non-organic version? Anyway, a fabulous deal!

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              i hope they still have some -- i'm heading over to 51st and broadway safeway this evening to replenish my matzo supply. went to the new WF on 27th street on friday and was told by an employee that there was a "huge passover display" in the front of the store. i get there, and it's the end-cap of 1 cash register... haha guess i can't expect the bay to compare to l.a. when it comes to jewish stuff.

              i bought a box of that organic matzo but it was $4.99! for one box! zomg.

            2. Safeway is carrying both Yehuda and Osem brand matzo in 5-lb. packages (5 boxes) for between $3.99 and $4.99 ea.

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                  checked boxes this AM-