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Apr 14, 2008 09:18 PM

Friday Night Rec's

We are staying at the downtown Sheraton in Sept for one night and we are looking for a Seattle "have to" place that is walking distance. I know the market is close Something that just screams Seattle restaurant scene.

We would like to avoid Asian or Japanese as Vancouver is home, so we have all of the Pan Asian and Sushi we could ever want.

Price is not a concern if we can get a reservation

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  1. I would say Palace Kitchen or Union for an excellent Seattle dinning experience although you may be able to get similar style in Vancouver.
    However if you want a dinning experience that you cannot replicate in Vancouver I highly recommend you hop on a bus or catch a taxi to Harvest Vine which is spanish inspired small plates (not tapas) that has two years strait been voted the ultimate seattle restaurant by chowhounds. Don't miss the daily scramble and the blood sausage.

    Palace Kitchen
    2030 5th Ave, Seattle, WA 98121

    Union Restaurant
    1400 First Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101

    Harvest Vine
    2701 E Madison St, Seattle, WA 98112

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    1. re: dagrassroots

      I second Palace Kitchen, for a place in walking distance.

      Union reminds me a lot of West in Vancouver - so much so that it seems redundant.

      1. re: terrier

        Speaking of Douglas' places, Serious Pie may be a good try. The Pizza scene in Vancouver is not especially strong.

    2. My bet would be Matt's in the Market, It's my hands down place to go when I have out of town guests that I want to take out for amazing food, the vibe of the market, and great views from the table.
      Harvest Vine is ok, not my favorite. Their service is hit or miss, and I don't find the food or the service to show how wonderful Seattle is. Plus, not really walking distance from downtown.
      Love Union for drinks and happy hour.

      1. I can't think of much in Seattle that you can't get better in Vancouver. The only weakness in the Vancouver scene is good Mexican, and La Carta de Oaxaca is way beyond walking distance. Harvest Vine kicks the butt of any Spanish Tapas but it too is out of walking range. I cannot come up with anything else. Both of these are worth driving to.

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        1. It's kind of curious: has to be w/in walking distance? ok. odd. I mean, your already in Seattle and you care enough to post on Chow for the best dining...but it has to deliver to my room. whatever. to each his own.

          um, matts in the market. thats like hands down the place you want to walk to.

          union? tends to have problems lately. Go to nytimes / seattle bellowing and people can't get enough of tavolata or how to cook a wolf. oh wait, great restaurants but you might not walk i guess those are out?

          harvest vine. you could walk there like an englishman, landing in new york, could drive across the coutnry for a nice little weekend road trip.

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          1. re: jamesbra

            Jamesbra thanks for the insight. To be honest the reason for the walking distance is that we are coming to Seattle with a group of friends (38 to be exact) to go to Seattle to pick up a cruise ship for re-positioning. We are coming by bus (sooooo don't get me started on that one.)

            Since we are ditching our party to get access to a good place to eat as a) we are not interested in the chain food that many will be interested in and b) I am not sure I want to go anywhere that will be able to take a reservation for a party of 40. We wanted to go somewhere close, that we could not get elsewhere. If it is a short cab ride that is ok too, we just did not want to go too far afield. Sounds like harvest wine is out.