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Apr 14, 2008 08:49 PM

Looking for a great restaurant downtown for a Tuesday Night

I have a friend coming into town and were going to go for drinks and a bite to eat tomorrow night in downtown LA. He's from Memphis and used to eating in great restaurants, so I'd love to impress him with good food and a great atmosphere. He's a big fan of seafood and tapas style menues. Any suggestions?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Water Grill is excellent.

      Also you might want to try Ciudad.

      However, according to the menu they serve tapas on Sundays only.

      1. re: yoginla

        Third for Water Grill. It can't be beat.

    2. Water Grill at the bar and have small plates from the raw bar. Get Steve as the bartender and it's a great experience.

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      1. re: cls

        This is great - thanks everyone! We will definatly check out the Water Grill, but I noticed it closes at 9:30 on Tuesday. Is there anything open a bit later?

      2. I agree that the Water Grill is a great choice, but I would also consider Patina in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. It's location makes it extra special. You could walk your guest around the outside of the Disney Hall for great views, and stroll briefly in the pretty garden.

        1. Blue Velvet--tapas style food, a tasting menu and a great pool deck with a view of the city lights.