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Apr 14, 2008 08:40 PM

thai food

Thai food restaurants seem to be popping up on every street corner. Although I am always up for trying new ones, I have found a lot of them recently to be truly lacking. Any suggestions on the best thai restaurant in Toronto? I will give my opinion after I see some of yours...

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    1. Toronto Thai food is generally abysmal. The only exception I've found is Mengrai Thai on Ontario at Richmond, which is some of the best Thai restaurant food I've had the pleasure of consuming. Visit on a weekend when the lead chef, Sasi, is in the kitchen, and you won't regret it.

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        I used to go to Me Thai when she was the chef there. It was great but didn't know where they went too.. Have you ever been or heard of Thai Shan Inn?

        1. re: chappy44

          Nothing comes close to TSI in my experience.
          Will check out Megrai and Vanipha Lanna.
          I've been to Thailand and I wonder if the difficulty in replicating the flavours has anything to do with availabilty of ingredients.

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            Thai Shan Inn has the best mango salad I have ever encountered in Toronto. I don't know about Megrai, but I went to there old restaurant Me Thai and it was excellent, so I am really look forward to trying it out...Vanipha Lanna sounds interesting as well...starting to get hungry just typing about it....

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              Thai Shan Inn is moving in the next few weeks...presently on Eglinton, it is moving just up the street to Dufferin and is fantastic...

        2. I can wholeheartedly suggest Vanipha Lanna on St. Clair. Having been to Thailand, this is as close as you'll get to real authentic spices and dishes (even the elusive Khao Soy) of that region.

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            hey we live near st.clair/spadina!h we'll try it thanks!

          2. IMO the two most worth trying are Linda's (above Salad King) and Mengrai Thai. I prefer Linda's which has a more 'bistro' atmosphere and some truly elegant dishes (e.g. duck breast in red curry sauce). Mengrai Thai has a habit of getting the orders wrong (last visit our food ended up at a different table and we got the food from yet another table!). Also beware of their 'unpriced daily specials' which are generally overpriced - and that makes it more expensive than Linda's.
            As you've mentioned the Thai Shan Inn - it has slipped a bit recently, although their Tom Yum Goong is still the best in Toronto. The Green mango salad now seems a little too sweet - but is still good. The Pad Thai has really slipped - now tastes of ketchup! Also they have just (or were about to) moved, so check on location (expected move was beginning of April).
            I've heard good things about the 'new' Young Thailand - but haven't been yet. Apparently Wandee Young (ex Thai Shan Inn - but I'm talking 20 years ago) is actively involved again.
            I was disappointed in Vanipha Lanna - first the place is really depressing and gloomy. And I found the food not up to par either - especially the Lao dishes - but I didn't try the Thai dishes so they 'might' be better.

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            1. re: estufarian

              I second Linda's. I really enjoy their soups, and the Thai Islamic Noodles. If you get a chance, try their tasting menu. It's a real treat.

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                My post encouraged me to go to Linda last night. As good as ever - and their 'Menu Of The Month' is a bargain.
                The starter was a beautiful presentation - a 'grated crispy salmon' with carved cucumber as fins and a triangle of tomato as mouth. Spectacular in both presentation and taste, with the crispy salmon 'crumbs' giving a great crunch to the dish.
                Several choices of entree included. I had the chicken with morels. A bit boring visually, but great flavour.
                Also had the Panang Curry with beef. Absolutely perfect spicing - don't recall ever having had a better version of this dish (I ordered 3chillis of heat).
                Confirmed as My #1 Thai - although they do stray from what I would find in Thailand (Morels???).

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                  Is the 'Menu Of The Month' still at $30 ? One of the best deal in GTA.

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                    I agree the Linda's Panang Curry with beef's spicing is fantastic. I don't usually choose to eat beef, but it was part of a set menu when I visited last year with a group, so I decided to try it. Haven't found any other panang curries that compare.

                    I tried the Panang downstairs at SK at lunch one day, just to see how different it would be....the spicing and the sauce didn't come close.I much rather spend the extra cash and eat upstairs- just wish more of my friends felt the same way;)

                2. Thai Shan Inn definately good. Although i was there a few weeks ago and did'nt think it was as good as it has been. Depends who's cookin!!!!

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                    if the mother is cooking that evening your golden