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Apr 14, 2008 08:25 PM

Hilton Head restaurants for my 21 year old

I am giving my daughter a weekend in Hilton Head for her 21st birthday, and I want to know what restaurants to set her up with. She will be with her fiance and they aren't really fancy people at this age. But they do like good food. Does anyone have any suggestions for a fun place with good food that isn't necessarily heavy-white-tablecloth fancy? I wouldn't want a dive for that particular occasion either.

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  1. I had to think about this one. Our favorite place to go is Frankie Bones in Main Steet. Not too fancy at all. But then that is a little older crowd. Most restaurants on the island are casual-you will see people wearing anything from shorts/denim to business casula.FB's is owned by the Serg restaurant group and we find that we like all of their restaurants. The Blue Marlin is another at the Palmetto Bay Marina-good food and fun, young atmosphere-they have a bar and seating outside too. For the younger set, ( I am 38 and holding), we used to like hanging out at The Barmuda Triangle. Located on the south end just outside of Sea Pines, there are some fun restauruants with entertainment ect but I can't highly recommend any of the places for really good food. Just a notch above barfood. Which sometimes, that is all we want. A really good burger? go to Reilley's at the Triangle. Good BBQ? One Hot Mama's at the Triangle. I am trying to stay away from the chains here b/c that is not chowish but we have a really good Carabba's and Bonefish Grille. Another spot we love to go is South Beach in Sea pines. There are a few restaurants there but most are the casual seafood type place. The possibilities are endless. Do they like any particular style of food? Our favorite place to have some margaritas and popcorn and decent food is The Big Bamboo. Very caual barlike world war II atmosphere. Hope I helped a little.

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      I also like Redfish and Marley's Island Grill (which is probably better for a younger crowd).

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        yes, I forgot about Marley's-very good and fun atmosphere.

    2. Thank you so much for your replies. I am printing them out and handing them to her tonight. The whole thing is a surprise. I'll try to find out what they chose and I'll post about what they thought about them.