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Apr 14, 2008 07:17 PM

Abstract Tree in Roncesvalles?

Has anybody tried this place? I was in the area and I noticed it.

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  1. We have. They have been opened for a while. The food is very good. They are very open to any thoughts customers have towards the menu. The perogies are made fresh and brought in just for them. The burgers are cooked to perfection. They have $25 bottles of wines which is always nice. The best part is that is it is not expensive. Usually for two of us the bill is about $60.

    The have changed chefs recently but the food is great.

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      Thank you. I will check it out soon.

      1. re: bustercat628

        Can you tell us more about the menu? Burgers and perogies? Not very abstract...but i'm always interested in new good food in the hood

          1. re: Beef Pattie

            Menu has steaks, a few fish dishes, burgers (they grind their own meat for it), salads, mussels (in your choice or beer or wine sauce, lamb (my husband had it and it was fall off the bone good), veal, chicken. I am not big into steaks or fish but have had the perogies, burger, and chicken dishes. All amazing. All dishes come with salad, fries, or veggies. The portions are very bigThe decor is very abstract. The colour of the walls as well as the paintings.

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              what are the prices like? atmosphere?? hours?

              1. re: hungryabbey

                I believe they are open 5pm to midnight.

                Very friendly staff. Usually has jazz music playing lowly in the background. If you need anything or need to make any substitutions... no problem.

                Prices are fair for what you receiving. around $10 for a burger. $20 for the lamb.

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                    I ate dinner there once and had a fantastic lamb curry. Really delicious. Service was very good. Friendly and accomodating.

                1. re: wongce

                  Wow, is this the same place that I know? I was craving mussels, so my husband and I went there for dinner not too long ago and were totally horrified by the whole experience. The decor felt awkward — like a dentist's waiting room somewhere in the Ottawa Valley.

                  The service was also awkward — I asked whether the server recommended the beer or wine sauce for the mussels, and she said the wine was a "soft" flavour — what? I ordered the wine sauce option, and the mussels were revolting. I could barely swallow them. Bloated and tough and chewy.

                  My husband ordered the calamari and was so traumatized by the experience that he hasn't been able to eat calamari since, anywhere, which is saying a lot because it had been his go-to app for years whenever we ate out. The calamari was out of a bag of frozen calamari, obviously, and was boiled. White. Limp. It was served on a white plate. With a slice of lemon, and nothing else. Not even a sprinkling of parsley for colour. I could barely stand the sight of it. We left before ordering mains because our appetizers were so awful.

                  After reading these reviews I feel I should give it another try, but it was honestly one of my most negative dining experiences of 2008.

          2. re: bustercat628

            Be advised the restaurant is now at 133 Roncesvalles - it moved this year, and has an amazing little garden patio in the back. The new number is 416-828-1698. (Edit: just realized I can edit the restaurant info - done!).

            I've eaten their repeatedly - it's a great Polish restaurant - the dishes are huge and generous. Bring an appetite or a friend. Prices are very reasonable too - much around the $10-12 price point.

            The "Abstract" is more in the art on the walls than in the food - in case you're wondering about the name.

            The owner is often there, very friendly Polish guy named Peter, and buster's comment is valid - they're open to your suggestions. We enjoy a little bit more "kick" in our barscz (Polish beet soup), and holding a party there he was happy to add a little more vinegar-kick. Definitely worth checking out!

            Abstract Tree Limited
            133 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto, ON M6R2N1, CA