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Where to take/impress my girlfriend?

I'm game for just about any type of food, but I was looking for something within reason of $. Does anyone have any reccommendations of some palce unique, cool, great, etc? Any and all suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Tia Pol - Spanish Tapas, lively atmosphere, great food and drinks, not that expensive
    Stanton Social - International Small Plates, a little trendy, moderate priced
    Spice Market - Great atmosphere, good good, can be reasonable if you are careful with what you order

    1. megu - but it is pretty pricy or do Gordon Ramsays MAZE - set menu is astonishing value and if you ask when you book you can have a tour of the kitchen too...

      1. L'Ecole. The French Culinary Institutes's restaurant. 5 course pre fixe amazing food for $40. You cannot go wrong.

        1. Del Posto is very nice and, in my opinion, a great value for a fine dining experience

          1. Depends on your definition of reasonable $$. In my price range, I'm a fan of Alta, Sala 19, Gyu-Kaku, Highline, Tapeo 29, Sea Thai Bistro, Klong --- in general it seems like Thai restaurants offer the best combination of value and vibe.

            1. Megu? Del Posto??? Why are you suggesting some of the most expensive restaurants in Manhattan to someone who asked for a place "within reason?" Thinking along those lines, Masa could have been the greatest meal in the history of mankind but at $400 it's not a "great value" in any common construction of that phrase.

              C.R., I second Tia Pol.

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                Great point. Get it back to the point of this post. Within reason meal people. Not Megu! Yes within reasons varries for all of us, but lets think $15-$25 an entree is within reason for a special night. Not $30+, that's deep pockets....

                I stand by my initial suggestion of Tia Pol

              2. Everybody has a different idea of what reasonable is. For example, I know somebody where reasonable means less than $10 for the entire meal while another friend thinks $30 entrees are reasonable. So I think we can help you a lot more if you're a bit more specific.

                1. I would suggest Degustation. If you order correctly you could get out under $80 with a bottle of wine. The atmosphere can't be beat either.

                  For a cozy place in budget I'd check out Jimmy's no 43.

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                    Degustation is wonderful and definitely a place to impress. I have to say though, it can be expensive if you want to actually fill up and not leave hungry. With that said it is my favorite restaurant in the city based on food and overall experience.

                  2. If you want something unique, with a really cool vibe, great desserts and good drinks check out P*ONG.
                    tasting menu is $60 something

                    1. I've been impressed with dates who took me to:

                      La Lanterna (great dessert, good live jazz... oh... and grappa! and a real, wood burning fireplace! best of all, inexpensive... I like a man who's fiscally responsible ;)

                      Spiga (sit in the corner, by the window -- it's open when it's warm out -- and order a reasonably priced bottle of wine. hold hands under the table.)

                      Russian Vodka Room (have some smoked fish, throw back some flavored vodkas... esp. horseradish... if you can still kiss afterwards, that's when you know you love each other)

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                        Thanks for all the wonderful reccomendations. I'ml eaning towards Tia Pol. Are there any other reccomendations for any places that have a unique-ness to them around the $20-30 range?

                        Thanks Again!

                        1. re: c.r.ashcroft

                          Although reservations are a virtual impossibility, Momofuku Ko is sure to impress somewhat reasonably....As a poster mentioned above Degustation is a good bet as well...Another idea would be Allen and Delancy..Tia Pol is good and fun however its usually very crowed and not really a place to make an impression, more of a cool place to hit for a glass of wine and a quick bite...

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                            For 20-30 bucks I stand by Tia Pol, but also offer Yakitori Totto, Alta, Market Table, Little Owl, Calle Ocho (just a fun place), Bar Stuzzinchini, Mia Dona.

                            Ko would be too much and Degustation would be too much (you'd leave hungry for only $20-30 worth of food)

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                              Tartine is a quaint, tiny, VERY French bistro in the West Village that has VERY good food, and definitely fits your $20-30 request. It's a BYO, and sometimes we like to bring 2 bottles... one for while we wait in line, as there are no reservations and it's very popular... and one to go with dinner.

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                              I second the La Lanterna recommendation especially now with the improved weather. The back garden area is romantic and unexpected.

                              1. re: bussy26

                                La Lanterna might be the winner.

                                I really appreciate all the feedback from everyone.

                                Thanks SO much!

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                                  C.R., did you end up at La Lanterna? How'd it go?

                              2. re: cimui

                                Oh, I love La Lanterna. Very romantic.

                              3. I would suggest Spotted Pig. Great food, cool atmosphere and cozy and not too pricey.