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Apr 14, 2008 07:00 PM

Naga Jolokia- World's Hottest Pepper

Is there anywhere in Montreal to buy this pepper?

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  1. I don't know but would love to find out. It is possible to to get seeds by mail order from the U.S.
    I read an a letter in a recent issue of "Chile Pepper" magazine from a woman who managed to grow some in Denmark, so they are possible to grow in Northern climates.

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      They seem to vary greatly in heat though depending on the growing climate. Still, even the milder ones are equivilent to the red savina habanero.

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        It's not impossible to grow them in a northern climate - it's very similar to the Dorset Naga, grown in the UK. Naga Jolokia can be found at Jean Talon Market, at Olives & Épices, under the name Bhut Jolokia. I bought some last year, and I'm maybe 3% of the way done; I find the heat increases exponentially to the amount you take, but very finely ground (and in small doses) it makes a great seasoning.

        The peppers sold at Olives & Épices are dried - I'm not sure where fresh ones can be found in town.

    2. You could grow these peppers here in Quebec, without much difficulty, as long as you grow them in black pots. There is no way that the growing season here is long enough for the peppers to get fully ripe though, if you put them directly into the ground. If you have a greenhouse, even better. Even if they don't get the heat they could, they certainly don't get the flavour the ones from Bangladesh get.

      I own Brooks Pepperfire Foods in Rigaud. We are the makers of the Peppermaster Hot Sauces, we gave up trying to grow them.

      CaJohn's is packing them in a vinegar mash in Ohio. But I don't know if anyone is importing them.

      Tina Brooks