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Where can I find piri piri sauce?

I have a recipe that calls for Portugese piri piri hot sauce. Thanks to the current issue of Bon Appetit, igourmet is sold out. Any ideas on where I can find it in LA?

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  1. I think you might find it at Bay Cities Italian Deli on Lincoln Blvd in Santa Monica. They have a very good hot sauce selection, but they also carry a whole line of sauces from the Nando's Chicken chain in London - they specialize in piri piri.

    1. This may be a little out of your way, but there's a restaurant in Laguna Beach called Mozambique that specializes in food with peri peri sauce. They also sell their product on the web.


      1. Bay Citites is a great call. They very well could have that but I haven't looked for it there (anywhere).

        Now, this is going to seem very weird but . . . try Nijiya or Mitsuwa. The Portuguese introduced it to Japan along with bread (pan = bread -- Panko = breadcrumbs) in the 16th century. I'm sorry I can't remember which Japanese market I've seen it at but I have seen it there.

        If that isn't working for you then check out Portazil Bakery in Artesia/Cerritos. As a bonus, you'll be right near Little India and can pick up a bunch of spices and sundries for all those Indian recipes you might be interested in.

        1. I see that Nando's Chicken has now expanded into the USA. They have a full line of peri-peri sauces and other great marinades and cooking sauces. Check out there on-line store:


          If you are a cilantro fan, also try their peri-peri lime cilantro marinade

          1. I "have" purchased Nando's Peri Peri from Bistol Farms which carries quite a few of their offerings.

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              Yesterday I bought the following at Whole Foods in Westwood:

              U-Ku-Va i-Africa - Peri Peri ~ Mombasa Hot Sauce
              Manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa

            2. Also confirmed at Surfas in Culver City.

              1. Check at Cost Plus World Mk. in your vicinity. I'm sure I've bought it at one of their stores.

                1. Thanks everyone! I am near Bay Cities so I will try that first. I wasn't sure if peri peri is the same as piri piri.

                  1. I saw Peri Peri at my Safeway today near the other hot sauces and the Asian condiments - I'm not in LA, but if we have it, I find it hard to imagine an LA grocery store wouldn't.

                    1. I used to live in Portugal and I love my piri piri! They have it at Bay Cities! I love that place.