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Apr 14, 2008 06:33 PM

List of Unique/Fun places.

I'll be in Montreal for a few days later this month.
Any suggestions for fun or unique places to eat?

I've been to Pied de Cochon and will return (maybe not fun/unique).

I'm talking about places like the Brazilian BBQ La Milsa, or a place like Ethopia House in Toronto where you have authentic food and eat with your hands using injera bread.

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  1. La Khaima: 142 Fairmount Ouest (514) 948-9993
    This is a Mauritanien restaurant. The owner dresses in his national dress and serves slow cooked dishes family style. The food is delicious, but selection is limited, whatever he has prepared that day. I really like his vegetables in a peanut sauce/stew. He will tell you about his country, and serve you a traditional mint tea service. He is very friendly, and the food is honest, homey fare. Very fun. unique and very good. The cost of the meal is very reasonable. But you have to be prepared to eat whatever he has that day.

    Crepes at Jean Talon Market: You can watch them make the crepes if you sit at the bar. The crepes are delicious, you can get savoury and sweet. Very casual, good for breakfast or brunch.

    I have not eaten there, but Duel is quite unique. Two different chefs make different riffs on similar ingredients. Kind of like Iron Chef Montreal.

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      La Khaima sounds exactly like the kind of place I'm looking for. I will give it a try. Duel looks interesting. I might have to stop in for a look there as well.

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        That sounds like a great place. I'm suprised Moosemeat didn't recommend it already in this thread.
        Do they have a website or online menu?

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          What, you want me to follow you from thread to thread, answering your questions?

          Seriously though, if you're going to be there solo, bring a book, or some work. The place really is great, but you shouldn't expect to have food in front of you in less than 45 minutes.
          A bit out of the way, but still on the metro system, Ange and Ricky is a great Haitian resto that I would recommend for lunch (I'm not sure they're open for supper.) you can read a review here:

          You'll probably be able to buy your malt beverage there too!

          1. re: Moosemeat

            I'm thinking about calling ahead and having them prepare a menu in advance. I will have some collegues with me in the city so I could probably make it a 4 top. I'll have a look at Ange and Ricky as well.

      2. Howdy!

        Unique to Montreal Places:
        Dad's Bagels for Indian Food (5732 Sherbrooke W)
        Kitchen Galerie to be served by the Chef (60 Jean Talon St. E)
        Little Sheep for a Chinese Franchise Chain larger than McDonald's (50 de la Gauchetière W)

        Fun Places:
        Los Planes for Pupusas (531 Bélanger E.)
        Chipotle & Jalapeño for a Cubano (1481 Amherst)
        Andalos for Manakish (264 Lebeau)
        Titanic for Lunch (445 St-Pierre)