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Raw Oysters in Austin- April 2008

As this is the last "r" month, to end the official oyster season, I'd like to start a thread of 'houds raw oyster experiences here in Cap City. Yesterday, I went on the cheap to Alligator Grill. $ 3.00 a dozen. You get what you pay for. Not shucked to order, not even fully shucked, as I had to remove the bottom "foot"(adductor muscle) from the shell. And, crime of all crimes, they rinse the precious oyster liquor from the shell. Very half-assed. Tasteless La. oysters. On to Eddie V's, $6.00 a dozen, but not even twice as good. Once again, VERY lame La. bivalves, small-to-medium, not salty at all. No distinct "taste of the sea". Went to Galveston last weekend & chowed stupendous Gal. Bay oysters, at The Captain's Table, @ $8.95 a dozen. I know that their season took a long time getting going this year (& it's about to end). Any of you 'hounds have any good raw oyster req's, esp. Gal. Bay oysters here in Austin ?

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  1. quality seafood on airport. although i think theirs are from louisiana as well.

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      Quality's got Malpeque Oysters for 14.99 a dozen now and still has their 8.99 a dozen Gulf Oysters. Went there for dinner tonight for the umpteenth time and I've just gotta say that Quality Seafood is awesome.

    2. Best place to order is still Pacific star. THe 183 location is much better than Round Rock.

      Got a box of 100 from Quality Seafood and shucked them ourselves. Made for a tasty evening!

      1. Last decent Oysters had I bought at Central Market, and shucked myself.
        The first ones were Kumamoto, excellent! Big and juicy, deep cup, lot's of liquor.
        The next batch from CM, were Gulf, from La. not as good, (small) but fresh.
        I've also had some fair oysters from Fish City Grill, they carry Gold Band Oysters,
        which use "High Pressure Processing " link is on Fish City's site.
        McCormick & Schmick's, are good but a bit pricey.
        Quality Seafood's are passable, and cheap.
        I'll have to try Pacific Star soon.

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          Just had a batch,18-25, from Central Market, all they had were Gulf Oysters,
          fresh, good, tasty...

        2. I would not eat Galveston Bay oysters (raw) after March per the experienced Steve that started Steve's Landing restaurant on Bolivar Peninsula. Steve owned his own shrimp boat and two oyster boats, and he would only serve them raw from November to March.

          In Austin, Parkside has the best oysters I have had in a long time.

          1. Try Sam's Boat in North Austin. It's right off Mopac on Braker. From 3 to 7, oysters are $0.50 each. I've been going for the last two weeks.

            1. Eddie V's has had oysters from the NE coast and last time I was there, about a week ago, still had them. They were very good and served with a very hot but good horseradish sauce. I will not eat the Gullf oysters. I think they are probably nasty.

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                Yes I have a friend who is an avid fisheman in the Gulf (and Federal Judge) and he loves raw oysters, and he won't eat them from the Gulf. He told me: "Just don't."

              2. Gotta try the new restaurant Parkside (301 6th St). They have oyster platters that feature several different types of oysters from across the country. And I believe on Weds is half price oyster platters (which means I just order two!!).

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                  What's the cost of the platter at Parkside and how many come in an order?

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                    We ate at Parkside this past weekend and had Olympias (very good) and Stingray (above averge). Not cheap for sure though at around $15 for half dozen. The rest of the food at Parkside does not live up their raw bar.

                  2. Oysters are back in season, time to revive this thread.