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Apr 14, 2008 06:27 PM

Weekday Breakfast?

I'll be visiting the Newseum Friday morning and would like some recs for breakfast. Doesn't really have to be in the area of the Newseum, I'll have my car and don't mind driving/finding parking. I've been to Teaism a few times but would like to try something new. I'm not a real big fan of tradtional bacon, eggs, toast, etc. type breakfast.

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  1. This weekend I walked by Restaurant K and saw they serve breakfast Tuesday-Friday. The prices looked pretty reasonable (omlettes were abuot $9). Parking could be very difficult around here, though, unless you used a garage or got very lucky. You could also drive to Eastern Market area and hit up one of the places over there such as Bread and Chocolate. I'm not a fan of this place but some people think it's decent.

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      Bread and Chocolate is nice for their fage, honey and walnuts with a bit of fresh fruit on the side.

      1. re: Jacey

        Or Market Lunch. They have great pancakes.

      2. I believe Les Halles now has breakfasts, but you'd want to make sure it's available during the week. That would be just a nice walk/drive up Pennsylvania for you to get to Newseum.

        1. Also there is Luna Grill and Diner on Connecticut that has good breakfast, although a lot of eggs.

          1. Le Bon Cafe up near the House side of the Capitol has a nice breakfast.

            There is always The Diner or Open City for a food breakfast.

            1. Johnny's Half-Shell at 400 N. Capitol does breakfast, has a few southern and seafood items amidst the more traditional fare, and it's walkable from the Newseum. Or, if it's a nice day, get some of the breakfast burritos from Tacqueria Nationale next to Johnny's and have an al fresco breakfast in one of the parks across the way.