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Apr 14, 2008 06:06 PM

Natsumi - Frozen Deliciousness (Dallas)

I did a quick search and saw this mentioned in another thread, but thought I'd start one for a quick mention.

Natsumi is a frozen yogurt and gelato place in Dallas that I happened upon by accident.

It is delicious and comfortable. I'm sure the officialdoms would mention more, but all I know is that I had a really good, really natural, really refreshing bowl of gelato (Mango and Coconut) as well as a delicious Pink Guava frozen yogurt sample. Some photos of the place (and the desserts) can be found on my flickr, here:

The people were extremely nice and easy to talk to. When I decided to stay a while (I was stuck in Dallas for a bit) he offered me his Dell laptop charger for while i was there, which happened to be the same as mine. They seem to have done the decor themselves, and they definitely deserve a visit.

Natsumi's address:
2323 N. Henderson Ave Ste 105 Dallas, TX 75206

Oh yes, and the website:

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  1. Every flavor I've had at Natsumi has been really wonderful, and like captainshen said, they're very nice. I asked the woman i believe to be the "cook" about avocado, and she promised to make some if I'd come back the next day. Sure enough, there it was when I went in, even though it doesn't sell well.

    1. Yeah Natsumi is really good. My favorite flavor is the green tea and bean.

      1. I have been going to Natsumi once or twice a week for the last month. While the decor is not my style, the frozen yogurt is fantastic. The original flavor is very similar to PinkBerry (as are the toppings). The Pink Guava swirled with the original makes it even better than Pinkberry. I have tried the Green Tea flavor and did not like it. The Gelato at Natsumi is very good, but I think the frozen yogurt is better.

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        1. re: 8 2 Much

          green tea yogurt right? what was wrong with it. i had the green tea at berryberry and it tasted like plain nestea. I loved Natsumi's green tea, and green tea and bean gelati.

          1. re: kindofabigdeal

            Nothing wrong with it specifically, I just did not think it was as good as the Pink Guava and orginal flavor. More of a personal preference. I'm sure others may love it.

        2. Took a bunch of people here this weekend and did a big taste test of each other's choices. The Roasted Almond is my favorite and was at the top of the rest of the group's list!

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          1. re: pizzaQTpie

            The Roasted Almond is fantastic. However, the Hazelnut might even be better! It is such a close race I might have to go back today to see which one is my favorite.

            I had the Pink Grapefruit Sorbet yesterday. It was so tart and creamy and yummy I almost turned around to get another one. Seriously. But then I looked at my jowls hanging off my jawline and decided to take a walk instead. Seriously again.

            1. re: pizzaQTpie

              Have to say that I love this place as well. Wanted to post and sing its praises :).

              Love the Guava yogurt with granola and the Roasted Almond. They are both fantastic.

              I see that Pink Grapefruit is now the yogurt flavor? Darn, now I have to return.

            2. I've been going to Natsumi for a couple of months now and I absolutely love the frozen yogurt especially their green tea flavor. And now they have added MOCHI!!!! to their list of toppings. The tender, chewy, little rice cakes are so delightful mixed in with the tangy yogurt. Mochi is to green tea frozen yogurt as peanut butter is to jelly, a match made in heaven. Their gelato is also very good and I enjoy the exotic varieties they offer (i.e. black sesame and jack fruit) but it's the frozen yogurt that keeps me coming back.

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              1. re: angelaenparis

                Agreed, mochi and green tea yogurt is a winning combo! As far as the yogurt goes, I can't decide if I like green tea or pink guava more.

                Back during Mother's day weekend, they had 8 different kinds of chocolate flavored gelatos. I had family in town for graduation and brought them to check out Natsumi. When I saw a Nutella flavor, I was ecstatic, it's definitely my favorite. They had it on rotation yesterday night, I love that delicious hazelnut taste!

                1. re: air

                  I'm responding so I remember to try their gelato when I come for a balloon rally in September.

                  1. re: air

                    Tried the green tea and mochi combo last night. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that they had mochi. They also had jackfruit gelato that I got to try for the first time. I wish they would offer more of their unusual flavors on more of a regular rotation.