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Apr 14, 2008 05:48 PM

Need Business Dinner Recs ASAP

We're having two business dinners in the next week, and need to select the restaurants. A few caveats for each:

1. A four person dinner. The out-of-towner we'll be hosting would prefer something fairly healthy. This will be on a Monday night.

2. A Tuesday night dinner for 10-12 diners from NYC. Apparently, nothing too "frou-frou" would be best (but at the same time, nothing too grandma-ish).

Money is not really a problem. Noise level is a factor, especially with the larger group.

For both dinners, assume that they've already been to the old line classics (Galatoire's, Commanders, Antoine's, etc).

Finally, some place where conversations would not be so blatantly overheard by nearby tables (some confidential matters might be discussed).

And if the above limitations weren't enough, someplace outside of the CBD would be best.

Any ideas?


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  1. Eleven79 - Great atmosphere, for the Tuesday night group. And the NYers would probably enjoy the atmosphere.

    1. Well, for the 4 person dinner that prefers healthy food, I would think that Herbsaint has some healthy options and is a bit lighter. GW Fins has a good variety of grilled seafood, so that should work as well. Gautreau's also had some lighter and more delicate dishes.

      I would think that a private dining room would be best for the large group with privacy concerns. Gautreau's, and Bayona would both be good choices.

      1. How about Le Citron Bistro? It would be good for the larger group because they have the space and it is a quiet space as well. For the group of four there are many options: Upperline, Vizards, Le Petit Grocery.

        1. For the large group, you could try Clancy's, Lilette's or Cochon.

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          1. re: nolawinelover

            While I do like Cochon, I do not think it is appropriate for a business dinner with 12 guests where privacy is a bit of a concern.

            1. re: mikek

              What does the board think of Brigtsen's for the large group?

              The 12-top might fit nicely into its own room.

              1. re: Monch

                Food would be good, but I worry about the neighboring diners. even in the smaller rooms, there are likely to be a few 2-tops, and that would not be good for security measures.

                I'd think about the "wine room" at August, but the OP does not want CBD.

                I've thought on this, but do not feel comfortable with any rec., based on the criteria of the post. Hope the locals can come up with the right combo.


                1. re: Bill Hunt

                  Mila is a great place for a meeting. Quiet and the service can be slowed or speeded up if you ask, pretty easily. Also, it's a good location if everyone is downtown or in the Quarter. But, since you have 12, why not ask for a table upstairs at August? you'll have it all to yourself, I would imagine. Bayona might work if they can tuck you away, as well.

                  1. re: Hadacol

                    MiLa just got a write-up in Wine Spectator. Have not read the full story, but plan to on my flight tomorrow. We worked in Stella! on the last trip, and now I have to get to MiLa.


                    1. re: Bill Hunt

                      Had lunch at MiLa today. I was really looking forward to the burger I had last time. No sandwiches on the lunch menu anymore. Oh well. The short lunch I had planned turned into a long lunch. $20 three course menu was delicious. The place was empty, which was a surprise. Pics and comments were posted here:

          2. One thing jumps out at me RE: the 4 Person dinner. Many New Orleans restaurants are closed on Monday. How about Iris ( They are open Monday nights, Chef was a Food and Wine Best New Chef in 2007. There are some fairly healthy selections on the menu (I think of the sunchoke soup and any of his fish preparations). But at the same time there are options for those who do not feel very healthy.

            For Tuesday night, the first place that I thought of was Pascal's Manale. Something about that place says secretive dinner conversations. Also, this spot would hit your strike zone (not frou-frou and not very ma ma). Or maybe Irene's. Irene's will take reservations for a party of your size.