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I'm headed there this week for happy hour. We'll probably get a few tapas with our drinks. I'm looking for recommendations that are more along the lines of chicken, veggie or seafood types. I'd like to avoid the greasy/cheesy sorts.

Also, would you rate the food--quality/taste--better here or Zaytinya?

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  1. I went there once and was very underwhelmed; though, this is probably because we got paella and it was ter-ri-ble. The few tapas plates we did get ranged from average to very good so if you're just going for happy hour I'd say you won't get too disappointed. Just stay away from the Sangria.

    1. Zaytinya, no question!!! I like the food better and it is more consistent. Consistency and service are my two big issues w/Jaleo but I do make an occasional night of sangrias and tapas at Jaleo. They have a wonder salad of apples and manchego cheese that it really good and refreshing and I always get an order of the patatas bravas. In terms of seafood (my favorite thing), I always get the scallops, seared salmon (sometimes they overcook this but when they do it right, it is really tasty), and whatever anchovy dish they are doing.

      In terms of Sangria, I don't agree with WestN. I don't think it is nearly that bad...maybe it is because I always go for the white sangria, which has berries and mint.

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        Totally agree on the apple and manchego salad. I like the grilled asparagus too.

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          I really enjoy the white sangria too! I prefer Zaytinya, as well, but I really only go there when it is nice and I can sit outside. I am more of a heavy tapas type of girl though so I doubt the things I like would be what you want, except that the Chickpea stew is good, and I really like the monkfish and spinach, but I am a big monkfish fan.

        2. Jaleo used to offer three or four fantastic ceviche choices, but these options aren't appearing on their on-line menu now. That may not mean anything. Jaleo always has a section of the menu that lists temporary tapas options.

          1. Overall I prefer Zaytinya- get the shrimp with the shallots and lemon...amazing!!!! mop the sauce up with the bread.

            I also went to Jaleo last week for lunch and was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it- the last couple times I have been a little dissappointed. They have a garlic shrimp that it amazing, as are the roasted red peppers stuffed with goat cheese and seared scallops. Drink-wise- I think I would prefer the white sangria at Jaleo with the berries and mint. Zaytinya's special drinks don't thrill me but the bar area is really nice. Enjoy!

            1. Marinated anchovies with lemon. Nothing like the salty junk you used to get on pizza.

              1. Zatinya tops Jaleo by miles. I visted Jaleo twice and one time was during Restaurant week and it just does nothing for me. The chicken croquettes are very disappointing. The best item on the menu is the salad with apples and manchego cheese and the goat cheese ice cream with warm fruit. I was skeptical about goat cheese ice cream but it was so delicious and creamy

                1. I just went to jaleo for the first time after reading good reviews and was really disappointed. in fact, i was very embarrassed that I chose the place for a get together with my friends. The paella was overcooked, brown and too salty. I have never seen such a bad paella.

                  The tapas was average and nothing special. I really fail to see what people are raving about at this place.

                  1. what is interesting is that these (and others) are Andres' places, yet remain distinctly different.

                    1. all i can say is i consistently read really good reviews of the crystal city jaleo. I went there a few weeks ago and it was DELICIOUS. every single tapa we ordered was exceptional and I would recommend it wholeheartedly. that said, the reviews for the gallery place restaurant are all over the place... so i don't know what to tell you.

                      1. Jaleo was soooo disappointing. The only tolerable options I had were the apple & manchego salad...patatas bravas and the goat cheese ice cream dessert...everything else was overcooked...salty or just not tasty

                        1. I've only been to Zaytinya once, and that was very good--but it was also very loud and there was quite a wait. Which I expect in this area. I've been to the Bethesda Jaleo many times, and it's always been great. Some of my favorites are the apple/manchego salad and patatas bravas mentioned above, the white gazpacho (with almond milk and crab) is fabulous, the wilted spinach/pine/raisin nut salad, the salt cod fritters with honey, and the salad of potatoes/mayo/tuna.