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Apr 14, 2008 05:15 PM

The Fresh Market?

I was approached by one of their reps scouting for as location here. Those of you in the know, is this just another grocery store or something out of the ordinary? Our two biggies here are Kroger and Marsh. Marsh is an Indiana chain, seems to be hanging on by their fingernails, they also have a smaller store, their supposedly, up-market store O'Malia's which is pretty ordinary too. We do have a pretty good co-op and a number of Asian markets and international stores, also a very active farmer's market. I was encouraging, competition makes for better selection and values. So what do you know?

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  1. FM is a very upscale grocer, similar in many respects to Whole Foods. Very high quality produce and meat, specialty items, lots of prepared foods, high prices. If you can afford it, its great...more of a special ocassion place for me.

    1. There is one in Philly near the UPenn campus. I don't know if they are all like this, but the store there has a deli where you can get an enormous sandwich (they regularly clock in at well over a pound) for about $5. The place is swarmed at lunch time!

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        Is Fresh Grocer the same as Fresh Market?

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          Ugh! Probably bad. I must have been hallucinating about those sandwiches and totally confused the names.

      2. I love the Fresh Market....they are pricey, as mentioned, but I love their quality. They have a nice selection of cheeses, their bakery is wonderful, their produce is on par with Whole Foods, they have some great selections in their freezer case, and they definitely have some different items in their grocery.

        They have a nice selection of bulk candies, nuts and "trail mixes" of different kinds. Best wasabi peas in town. Wine and Beer also, sometimes decent sales. Their meat and fish are also good. Their steaks (we had the filets) were incredibly tender.They have a great smoked salmon. I'm not really wild about their prepared foods actually. I love their samples of coffee (try the Morning Blend...mmmm) and their crab dip.

        My favorite is probably the bakery. When we have special occasion, I usually bake something but if I don't have time, we love to get a variety of the "mini" desserts from TFM and share them. They have delicious mini cannolis, cream puffs, eclairs, cheesecakes, and also tiramisu by the "slice" a creamy almond thing, bourbon nut bars, chocolate mousse cake, and the list goes on...they really have a great selection and it's all good. Their sourdough bread is wonderful, and my 8 year old would love it if I took him there every day for a fresh baked croissant. (I don't :-)

        They have a website, which might give you more info too. Enjoy! It's one of my favorite places, though I can't shop there on a regular basis because of the prices (and the calories :-)

        1. Shopping at the Fresh Market is the most serene, pleasant grocery shopping you will ever do. Start with a sample cup of coffee, enjoy the classical music (no crappy pop music, or overhead paging for help in bulk foods aisle), get a refill on your coffee. Buy the bulk herbs and spices because the price is great, compared to bottled at any regular grocery store. Buy meat and fish because it's really fresh, and looks, and tastes, great. Up until March, I used to buy a dozen roses each week, because TFM sold them for $7.99. I'm still adjusting to the new price, $8.99, so I haven't bought them recently. Try all the weekend samples, as they will quell your hunger enough to finish your shopping, without going overboard. I have a friend that works for TFM, and he assures me that if you want black-eyed peas in Minnesota, the store manager can get them for you. In short, buy fresh stuff at The Fresh Market. Buy the rest at your nearby grocery store.

          I DON'T shop at TFM for things like laundry detergent, dish detergent, toilet paper, coffee creamer, etc.

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            I forgot about the bulk herbs and spices! Yes, undoubtedly the best place to buy these!

          2. sounds perfect for this market. Thaks to all!