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Apr 14, 2008 04:29 PM

Going to be in Barcelona for 3 days

Staying at the Hotel Arts, give me 3 good dinner spots and two great lunch places to check out.


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  1. Check out the posts on Barcelona on this board. There are more recommendations for this city than any other in Spain.

    1. hiya

      i just got back on tuesday from barcelona..and from the people on this forum a lot of people recommended i go to paco meralgo..this place is really great for lunch or dinner..the seafood tapas here was amazing and do try the foie too. do sit by the bar though (more fun as the people behind the bar are hilarious and very friendly) and ask the waiter to recommend dishes for you like we did.

      also i really enjoyed great seafood at La Paradeta which is in the el born district but do get there early to avoid queuing for 45 mins otherwise have something light b4 queuing- the seafood which u choose from the counter are amazing, we had razor clams, lobster, crabs, linginustine, prawns, whitebait, tuna for about 30 euro a head and we had loads!..its nothing fancy as u have to clear your own plates but the atmosphere here was fun and we had the best tuna fish ever! washed down with very nice white wine.

      i also quite enjoyed tapa c24 although i did find some of the dishes a little too rich/ salty for my taste buds but the staff are very good and will tell you if you have ordered too much..if you go there do order the smoked egg plant..this was my favourite dish there

      for ice cream do try Cremeria Toscana..which incidently is opposite Paco Meralgo..the pistachio ice cream here is to die for
      also Bubo does nice macroons and is an ideal place to have something naughty after sightseeing / shopping around El born
      nearby is La vinya senyor which is a cute little winebar..spent my birthday in here with a nice bottle of organic champagne, v cilvised with a friendly atmopshere and right opposite Santa Maria.

      am totally envious of people who are heading to barcelona in the next few months as i am dying to go back there to try out some more food places and to go back to Paco Merlago and la paradeta

      anyway enjoy your trip