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Apr 14, 2008 04:15 PM

Galatoire's - downstairs or upstairs?

Jazzfest 2nd weekend - I have a reservation for Friday night upstairs. Should I keep this, or just wait in line for the downstairs dining room? Also, if I go with the downstairs room, what night (Thurs - Sun) would be my best bet?

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  1. ditch the res and wait in line. I was just there for a Friday lunch (I am about to write my trip report) for my first time. It is all about atmosphere. food is good but is not good enough to be the focus of the meal. it is about the experience and the fun. Friday's lunch starts at 11 30 and bleeds into the evening so be ready to wait in line. I think you will be happier though in the long run.

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      Downstairs. No question.

      It's a pretty good restaurant, but it's a one of kind of experience. You want the experience, and that takes place downstairs.

    2. Always, always, always downstairs! You will have to wait pretty much any night, but Sunday brunch is a nice option and not as busy usually.

      1. Downstairs. Thurs. best bet, how about lunch? Lunch/dinner same menu and less/no wait.

        1. The ONLY reason to eat upstairs is if you have extremely limited time and therefore require a reservation to keep on schedule. Otherwise, wait in line.

          1. Two different experiences. Upstairs, with reservations, gets you great food, and a time frame. Downstairs is "where the action is," but I do not think that the food is any different. The "experience" is, however. For me, on a tight timeline, we usually do upstairs, because we are trying to fit things into a tight schedule. If I had the time, it would be a "no contest," and I'd wait in line for downstairs. Your call.


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              But if you've never been to Galatoire's before and you still might be a timeline, wouldn't be better just to go downstairs then. This is for visitors that wil only be able to make it there one time.

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                If I had to choose between upstairs and not-at-all, it would certainly be upstairs. Last two trips were tight, due to events, so we opted for reservations. I do not begrudge doing so, but still like downstairs, if possible.