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Apr 14, 2008 03:56 PM

Simply Ayzen in Tenleytown?

Has anyone been? The name is annoying but it's convenient to me and I am curious...

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  1. Walter Nichols has a short write-up in the Post that sounded very complimentary. I'm quite curious about it.

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      Do you have a link to the article? I have been a big fan of Tono Sushi - which is owned by the same people that own Simply Ayzen and was wondering how their new place was - foodwise (they don't own Spices - FYI).

      While this may not be a high-falootin' sushi restaurant that some Chowhounds prefer, me being a friend of an employee means using their employee discount! Oh and for the record - the former Head chef at Tono who setup their menu was Hiroki Fujiyama, who is now executive chef for Morimoto :-)

    2. I have only tried their sushi (takeout) which was ok, not great. The fish did not seem fresh but that may have been due the fact that it was a holiday weekend, so they may not have gone shopping. I have not tried their other Asian dishes, but I've heard good things.

      1. Well, I answered my own question and gave it a try. It was good! I went with 2 friends and we split a couple of appetizers, had 1 or 2 drinks each, and an entree each. I had the lemongrass grilled pork which was recommended in the Post food section piece and liked it a lot. My friends were also happy and the dining room was reasonably full, but not too loud. Staff were very friendly. We did not have any sushi - stayed more in the Thai and Vietnamese areas of the menu. I'd go back. We paid $30 each - prices were very reasonable.

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          I regularly eat there for lunch and it has been consistently good. I would compare the menu to Spices in Cleveland Park (who knows...maybe it's the same owner).

          I haven't tried the sushi yet, but the other dishes I've tried have not been a disappointment. The dishes that stand out to me are the Red Curry chicken and Pad Thai.

        2. I saw your question and I offer the following comments, which I took from another post on another site. I responded to this other site because I was surprised by the misconceptions regarding Simpy Ayzen.

          I live in the neighborhood and when Simply Ayzen replaced the old Jandara, which was an OK Thai restaurant, I was a bit skeptical. After all, this was going to be yet another Asian restaurant in a neighborhood with several other Asian places.

          Well, folks, I was very, very happily surprised.

          First of all, one must realize that the new owner is also the owner of Yosaku Japanse Restaurant. For those who know anything about Sushi restaurants in DC, they will know that Yosaku is an important Japanese fixture visited regularly by not only Sushi afficionados but also by folks from the Japanese community (including members of the Japanese Embassy). It is also worth mentioning that the owner of these two restaurants regularly goes to Japan to participate in Sushi conferences and is an active member of the National Sushi Society. Only two places in DC are members of this group (the other one being Sushi Taro).

          Now, I mention this because the chef of Yosaku has been dispached to Simply Ayzen. So the quality of the sushis at Simply Ayzen are certainly on par with those dispensed at Yosaku.

          In fact, in my experience, I have found no place in DC which serves such a diverse range of sushis with so much taste, quality, and origniality at prices that are reasonable.

          But the best thing about Simply Ayzen is that it is not just a Japanese restaurant. It also includes a fantastic menu of pan asian food. This makes it perfect for me, as I like to experiment with all the other flavors. I go there on a regular basis (maybe 2-3 times a month since it opened in Feb 2008) and I have managed to discover new dishes almost every time.

          To me, this is seriously one of the best, most extensive, best rounded pan asian restaurant with a very solid foundation in Japanese cuisine.

          They now have added a color menu sheet for some of the more extravagant Japanse dishes, to showcase their skills. I definitely encourage trying these various dishes. They are all worth a try.

          It's difficult to recommend a single item as they are all good. Perhaps one recommendation I would have is to indeed try to get off the beaten path and try the more exotic ones, as they tend to be more dazzling.

          So, yes, Simply Ayzen has replaced Jandara and the decor has not changed that much. But the food is definitely different with much more range of asian food a lots of depth when it comes to Japanese food.

          In conclusion, Simply Ayzen is one of the best Asian restaurant in the area. Go there, try it, you won't regret.

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          1. re: marc FB

            Chowhound rules require that you disclose any relationships that may bias your opinion. I do not believe that it is a coincidence that your very first post on Chowhound just happens to be a universally glowing review of a new restuarant with inside information to boot. Please come clean or cease posting.

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              << I offer the following comments, which I took from another post on another site.>>

              marc FB... Are you the author of this identical post on Yelp? Where did it originate?