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Mache greens (aka 'corn salad', 'lamb's lettuce', etc)

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Who carries this? I've checked Whole Foods and Harvest Wagon in past seasons without any luck. A less expensive grocer would be great.


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  1. I could have sworn Harvest Wagon carries it on a regular basis.

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      It's very possible I overlooked it. I'd also love a place with less mark-up.

    2. I've seen it at some Price Choppers which surprised me. You can almost always find it at Longo's.

      It's my favorite...

      1. I get my Earthbound Farms Mache at Sobey's... No Frills often has a "Mache Mix", which unfortunately includes frisée and radicchio (not my favourite salad ingredients).

        1. No Frills and Price Chopper? Am I really that oblivious?!

          Longo's is less of a surprise. I've found all sorts of creative produce there, like puntarelle of all things.

          1. Ive bought it at Loblaws before

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              Ditto Loblaws - at Dupont and Christie. With the fine boxed greens.

            2. Harvest Wagon at Yonge and Summerhil carries it regularly, either near the front on the right-hand side of the store in a serve-yourself tray (near the parsley, green onions and carrots), or near the back-middle of the store in sealed Earthbound Farms containers (just mache, no other greens mixed in).

              1. I see it often at No Frills in Dufferin Mall. That store is horrific, so it is probably one of those situations where their buyer doesn't know what it is and thinks it's baby spinach.

                1. Dominions at College Park often has it as does the D on Front street
                  Pusateri's on Church south of Wellesley usually has it.

                  1. I bought some at Fiesta Farms in a clear plastic box kept with other greens...

                    1. Superstore at dufferin and finch has it in the clear plastic box. 454g i think.

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                        they also have it at the kitchen table in First Canadian place.

                      2. How about that. Found a bin of the mixed mache at a nearby Sobeys. Thanks to everyone for being far nicer than I deserved.

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                          Mixed mache? But there's no such thing. Mache is only one particular type of lettuce, aka lamb's tongue, or lamb's lettuce.

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                            Earthbound Farms sells mache in two ways: alone or in a mix with raddichio and frisee (what redearth mentioned). I recently bought the latter, since Sobey's weren't selling the solo version. Thankfully it's mostly mache.