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Apr 14, 2008 03:32 PM

Dwntn San Jose Recs.

Visiting San Jose (1st time) for 3 days starting with Sake San Jose on Thursday, staying at the Montgomery hotel which has Paragon, is it a wise choice for a friday or sat. night dinner?
Thursday will obviuosly knock out my need for japanese food.
Also a good breakfast place.
Unfamiliar with San Jose and really want to stay within walking distance from the Hotel since we will be with out a car and just walking about the downtown area.
Were open to all food, cheap tacos on up just want some good food in the area. and a bit of adventure.
Also will be near the Winchester house any lunch recs near this or should we just head back downtown ?.
Los Angeles thanks you !!

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  1. Breakfast (M-F only, alas): Pomegranate Cafe, 221 East San Fernando (near 5th)
    Paragon is probably fine (don't hear much about it one way or the other). We like Picasso's Tapas, on Santa Clara near 1st, very close to your hotel. Lots of other good choices for downtown dinner, so I'll let others chime in.

    1. Here's a thread from last year with a number of suggestions.

      1. Other thoughts: Not bad breakfasts at The Fountain in the Fairmont. If you can get to Julian and 17th, then Casa Vicky does good Mexican breakfasts and good coffee.
        Also, I want to clarify that the Picasso's I like is NOT the one in San Pedro Square. Same name, two different places.

        1. paragon would be a good choice for Friday or Saturday- I have eaten there a handful of times and always enjoyed it. You might want to try reservations...

          Also near your hotel is the gordon biersch brewery- a chain yes, but they have good food and beer if you are looking for something casual for lunch or dinner.

          And just across the street from the Mystery House is Santana Row- froo-froo shopping and dining, but there are some good places to eat and sometimes it is fun to people watch and window shop. (

          1. Lots to choose from at Santana Row but here are some recs:

            Pizza Antica - nice, wood fired pizza (I like the one with the fennel) & they currently have their yummy strawberry shortcake too - please don't compare with NY's or LA's finest:-)

            Cocola - cute little cafe (sandwiches/salads) & bakery

            The Counter - well, you probably already know

            There really isn't much going on in downtown San Jose so lunch in Santana Row may be nice.