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Apr 14, 2008 03:12 PM

Where can i buy unripe green roma tomatoes to make sour tomatoes?

does anyone know a purveyor close to south beach where i can purchase unripe green roma (plum) tomatoes to make my own full sour tomatoes myself?Do you know the name of the establishment,phone number,price, and if one can purchase less than a case of tomatoes?.Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Sounds interesting. What are sour tomatoes? Do you have a recipe? If so, please share it. Is the use of Roma tomatoes, as opposed to other types of tomatoes important to the dish?

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      Just a quick reminder - please post any recipes on the Home Cooking board - the poster is welcome to post a "pointer" here.

      Thank you.

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        i'm just trying to make my own version of sour tomatoes and pickles that used to be given out for free at the now defunct Rascal House.By using pickling seasonings,habaneros,garlic,salt,and vinegar i marinate for one week and my pickles come out full sour and definitely spicy.However miami beach no longer has many old eastern european citizens who would buy their own kirby cucumbers and immature roma tomatoes to pickle on their own,thus i am having a problem finding green plum tomatoes that havent ripened yet.These are the ones that you would find at jewish delis up and down the east coast.If anyone knows where i could buy them from ft lauderdale down to south miami please let me know.I usually give them out for free to taste on my days off(sun and mon) at finnegan's way sports bar at 14th and ocean drive.One week from now you can tickle my pickle there!LOL

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          I have heard that some grocers keep a supply of green tomatoes in the back of the store because they buy them green and let them ripen at the store. You can ask for them in the produce section. I don't know whatvarieties they usually have though.

          Hope this helps.

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        1. most Presidente supermarkets have green plum tomatoes -- mixed right in with the regular plum tomatoes. Last week they were a couple of lbs for a dollar. I haven't checked this week.

          Try the one at Calle Ocho and SW 19th Avenue