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Apr 14, 2008 03:12 PM

Portland...College priced food

We are sending our daughter to school at Portland State University and will be visiting over the next few months.

Any good cheap eats in the downtown area near the University that should become a favorite for a college student

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  1. I quite enjoy Karam. Lebanese food is quite rich and hearty and goes a long way. While it's still downtown, it isn't at PSU's immediate vicinity, but you'll soon learn how quickly one can travel around Portland, even without a car.

    Vietnamese food will also allow her to stretch her food budget, as pho tends to be quite cheap. Banh mi (Vietnamese baguette sandwiches) are incredibly cheap, though none are to be found on the PSU side of the river.

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      Actually near PSU (one block): Hot Lips Pizza.

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      1. Hot Pot City on 1st Ave near PSU

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          1. She'll probably figure this out already, but the food carts on 4th avenue at around College St. are fabulous. There are about six of them, and each of the four I've tried are fantastic. Can't beat the price of a veggie burrito at Villenueva or even the lunch specials at New Taste of India, which recently went up from $5 to $6.

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              Good call on the carts. I usually do my pod-visiting on Alder and 10th, but they're all over town.