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Apr 14, 2008 03:05 PM

Cheap but good ethnic food in Morristown, NJ?

Every day I drive by a series of Central and South American restaurants on my way to work in Morristown. Which are the best ones? What are the best places to eat in Morristown and the vincinity if I want to eat something different? I prefer vegetarian cuisine, but I'll eat almost anything.



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  1. Doing my own research, I enjoyed Raul's Empanadas last week. Tasty and affordable. I forget the name of the street, but it's across the street from Burger King, down the street from the Morristown diner.

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      I first heard of this place from one on my teenagers, but then read about it in a thread on egullet. you might want to check it out, as it includes descriptions of food items and pictures. I also found the place to be attractive and clean.

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        Raul's is what I was going to recommend as well, and my vegetarian friends love his hummus empanadas! They also make other non-meat ones, including broccoli and cheese, and some dessert versions. Great spot, great food, VERY inexpensive ($3-4/per empanada)!

    2. We always order take-out from Pollos Pucalor on MLK Avenue close to Hanover. They have rotisserie chicken and add that with their rice & beans and fried plantains and you have yourself an excellent meal. My in-laws who have very "vanilla" taste-buds always request it when they come to visit us from LI.

      It's delicious!

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        My apologies, I didn't realize the vegetarian piece of it.

        I will mention that there is a Mexican restuarant that replaced the old Jamaican place (I just don't recall the name) on Speedwell (closer to Tim Schafers) that has some very good authentic Mexican food. We had them cater a Cinco de Mayo party and I recall it being very good and very fresh. I'm sure you can find some vegetarian options there. Good luck!