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lunch in Long Beach near Cal State?

I'm going to the theatre at Cal State Long Beach this Sunday afternoon. Any good lunch type spots around?

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  1. Do you have any preferences as to type of food and also, do you have transportation for a short drive off campus? This will help us to direct you. As for w/in walking distance, just south of campus in the Ralph's shopping area you have Cha for Tea, L&L Hawaiian, Z Pizza, Pete's on the Beach, Togo's and Niko Niko Sushi. Many more places to choose from that aren't too far away.

    1. Enrique's for excellent Mexican.

      6210 E Pacific Coast Hwy, Long Beach, CA 90803

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        I concur. Enriques is great

      2. the starling diner is unique, adorable and delicious. only open til 3:00 on sundays, can sometimes be sketchy service but breakfast bruschetta and bloody mary's are DELISH! really quaint spot on 3rd street in belmont heights

        1. I've got a car, so I'm free to leave the campus. I'm looking for good old fashioned American food ... not too far from the theatre. Thanks.

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            There's a pretty good Philly cheesesteak place north on PCH. Near the traffic circle, can't be more than 3 miles. I forget the name, but it's very good.

            Otherwise, Hof's Hut for standard diner food.

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              Are you thinking of Philly's Best?

              1998 Ximeno Ave, Unit B
              Long Beach, CA 90815

          2. The Los Altos Hof's Hut would probably work for you. It's on Bellflower betwen the 405 Freeway and the University.

            They're a local chain that is okay. Be sure to save room for pie!

            Hof's Hut Restaurants
            2147 N Bellflower Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90815

            1. The mall on Bellflower has a King's Fish House - I haven't eaten at that one, but I enjoy the one in Calabasas, so it's probably a good choice. There's also a Bristol Farms in that mall with a nice cafe area. Pick Up Stix is a good Asian food chain restaurant.

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                Isn't that restaurant called something like Fish Tale?

                Never been there.

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                  Yes, it is the Fish Tale (King's is downtown) and it's very good.

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                    No, there IS a restaurant called Fish Tale in the Los Altos center, just between Bristol Farms and the pancake place. There is also a King's Fish House in downtown LB. The Fish Tale bills itself as the "oldest in Long Beach" -- I always hoped they weren't talking about the fish!

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                      That's what I said. ??? Read the posts above mine.

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                        I've had dreadful experiences at Fish Tale, and can't recommend it. Hof's is just across the street if the OP is looking for good old fashioned American coffee shop stuff.

              2. You might also like Khoury's down by the marina for a pretty view.


                Their website is a little annoying, but it's a nice place. And I think maybe the owner has some kind of deal with the Musical Theatre West people - are you going to see one of their productions?

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                  Have never been to Koury's (always wanted to try it) but had heard their food had really gone downhill. Have you eaten there recently?

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                    Khoury's is ok, I'd rather eat at Buster's.

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                      Thanks for all your input, guys ... we went to Hof's, and enjoyed it!