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Apr 14, 2008 02:34 PM

Italian cooking classes venues in GTA (near highways)?

Our team (30 people) wishes for an Italian cooking class (for an afternoon) as this year's team event. Could you please recommend a good venue in GTA for this? A venue that's not too far from highways would be preferred. Many thanks!

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  1. The Liaison College of Culinary Arts in Etobicoke just south of the Gardiner (and plenty of parking) offers corporate team-building cooking classes. Hover your cursor over "Recreational classes" and then click on Corporate team-building -

    I'm sure they would create an Italian theme for you.

    Liaison College
    2974 Lake Shore Blvd W, Toronto, ON M8V, CA

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    1. re: JamieK

      JamieK, thank you for your recommendation! Have you taken the cooking classes at Liaison yourself? Do you recommend Liaison over George Brown?

      Our group went for a cooking event at Richmond Hill Culinary Arts Centre ( 2 years ago and had a great time there. And this year we wish to try somewhere new.

      Has anyone here tried Culinary Studio 2000 ( at Woodbridge? I know that this place is run by an Italian chef. However, I'm not sure whether this place is good.

      What about Calphalon Culinary Center ( at King & Spadina? I passed by this place for a few times. Has anyone here been there?

      1. re: chutchut

        No, I haven't taken classes at Liaison. I have at George Brown and enjoyed them but I don't think they do the corporate thing. Also, I understand the kitchens there are currently under some major renovation.

        I thought Liaison might be worth exploring for you because of its proximity to a highway and parking availability, plus the targeted corporate class.

        1. re: JamieK

          You could check with Dish Cooking Studio on Dupont. They do private corporate classes and I'm certain can build around your theme. We did a class there with Massimo Capra from Mistura which was a lot of fun. I've always enjoyed the classes and atmosphere there. They have a great facility with parking on site.

        2. re: chutchut

          I haven't actually tried Culinary Studio 2000 for their classes, however, I have rented the studio out for my own demos. I do not know whether it is big enough for 30 people to all be interactive, but you could call Chef Gianni Ceschia for that. He was very helpful when I was there, and while I was there, I read about the classes they offered, and they sounded VERY good. Also, he is well known in the Italian community, and his food has the reputation of being quite good. I believe he specializes in Northern Italian fare.

          1. re: chutchut

            I have taken classes at Calphalon and it really is very nice. Well-equiped, clean, good instruction, and typically a bit of the prep. work is done for you. The only downside is that they seemingly never change the menus, so if you take the Thai class (for example), it's the same from year to year. This isn't likely to be a concern to you though...and it does mean that you could check out the menus on their class list. I believe that they offer both an "Italian Food Lovers" class and an Italian class for partners. If you have a full class worth of people, it's likely that you could chose either menu.

            Have fun and let us all know how it goes!

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