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Apr 14, 2008 02:27 PM

Tacos Mexico Rico (Vancouver, Mexican Taco, Pictures)

With all this talk about Mexican Food in Vancouver (or lack thereof), I thought I'd give an old favourite a visit. Taco Mexico Rico is now located on West Pender after many years on West Hastings. It is an inexpensive and authentic "taco truck" style Mexican joint that serves up tacos, sopes, tortas, and other taco truck style dishes. Those of you who have traveled through the States (especially LA) might know the wonders of the taco truck. There are few restaurants in Vancouver that serve up this kind of food (Dona Cata on Victoria Dr, El Caracol, to name a few).

Everything here is made by hand (except for the chips and corn tortillas used for the tacos). If you are looking for signs of authenticity, this place is often full of Mexican ESL students looking for the taste of home.

Today I had the Lengua taco ($7) with a horchata to drink. You get a condiment platter with freshly made salsas, and four small but tasty tacos with tender cubed braised tongue. The ones I have had in LA (I used to spend my summers there as a youth) were more flavourful - so there is a bit of adaptation to local tastes here. It is still quite tasty. I have had the other fillings (the Pork al Pastor is probably my favorite) and they are all quite decent.

Great cheap Chowhounder food.

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      And for dessert...a latte at Artigiano

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        And more photos of Tacos Mexico Rico

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          Thanks for the update, fmed -- time to try them out again. I haven't been since they were on Hastings. But sadly, I can't view any of the photos, no idea why, I've always been able to before :-(.

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            There might be a technical issue with the board. There is some talk over on here

      2. A little known fact is breakfast is now served at Mexico Rico. Mexican eggs - scrambled with onions peppers and tomatoes, fresh cream and beans with a side of tortillas. $6.50 Dollar more for coffee.

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          Nice one, Chef Bill, now I really have to get my butt back there!

          Fmed, as you noted on the other thread, things appear to be back to normal and I can now view your great pix. I couldn't find a Place entry for TMR; do you have the address?

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            I really should get in the habit of using that Place feature...

            Tacos Mexico Rico
            309 Pender St W, Vancouver, BC V6B1T3, CA