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Apr 14, 2008 01:44 PM

One night in Brunswick, ME?

We will be staying in Brunswick for one night and I wanted a nice Sunday morning breakfast. We favor vegetarian/organic offerings if possible. 111 Maine looks interesting....but a small funky cafe would be equally appealing. Also I was considering heading down the penninsula to Cook's Lobster Pound......any thoughts??

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  1. 111 Maine is good option for Sun breakfast. There is also a new place called Clementine that appears to have a nice brunch menu (44 Maine).

    Not sure what you're planning for dinner (I assume Saturday) but consider El excellent Cal-Mex place that has lots of veg options and sources locally. That might also fit your "funky" criteria as it is certainly fun and casual atmosphere.

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    1. re: HDinCentralME

      Really jonesin' for looking for the best local waterside place (sorry I didn't specify)

      1. re: Science Chick

        mmm tofu lobsters!

        Now if I was in Brunswick, i would hop on rt1 North for about 20minutes and go to the Sea Basket in wiscaset . I cant get enough of that place... Love their fried maine shrimp, excellent onion rings, lobster stew, lobster rolls....... I try to get there a few times a year.. No waterside though... But you can go to the really tacky store "big Als" across the street and look at lots of junk you dont need!

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          Yes, we love the Sea Basket and go there every year....however, we will be limited to Brunswick for this outing. My daughter is a lobster fanatic, so I want to give her a big treat!!

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          IMHO, and for what it's worth, in no particular order:

          Cook's Lobster Pound is old news with a nice view. The service and food quality can be really spotty. If you'd just like to look at the ocean and eat a lobster, with relatively low expectations, it might do.

          If you have a car/time for a little trip, The Lobster Shack at Two Lights is open for the season in Cape Elizabeth (about 20 min. south of Portland). It's picnic tables practically atop a lighthouse, surrounded by rocky coast and a state park. Plus very reliable lobster, steamers and homemade desserts. Yum.

          El Camino is mucho overrated. They have a cozy vibe and make a good Margarita, but I have yet to like the food...tough steak one visit, dried-out chicken the next; very basic execution issues.

          In Brunswick, Clementine is good for brunch (more so than 111 Main).

          OK, I'll shut up now.

      2. The Dolphin Marina Restaurant is the place for lobster, not far from Brunswick, in South Harpswell. Pleasant drive and worth the trip!

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        1. Brunswick has an increasingly intriguing food scene. If you get a chance, stop by Sweet Leaves Tea House (Pleasant Street, next to post office), where chef Josh DeGroot is committed to local and when possible organic. Don't judge it by the name, it also serves lunch and dinner, and the menu changes daily. The cheese plate is wonderful--all local, and DeGroot makes a chocolate goat cheese that's divine. But then, this really isn't what you asked for, as it isn't open on Sundays.

          Sunday brunch: Clementine is artsy and most fine dining-ish (white tableclothes); Renaissance Bistro (tucked on the side street behind Great Impasta) is funky and cozy--both have menus online. 111Maine is very casual, and tiny, tiny, tiny.

          Lobster--you don't say when you're going, but find out if Holbrook's is open--classic outdoor lobster shack in Cundy's Harbor. Cook's is okay for lobster, keep it simple--can't beat the view, and it is weatherproof. I love the Dolphin Marina--far less touristy.

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            Sounds like Dolphin will fit the bill..thanks!

            1. re: Science Chick

              When are you coming? Dolphin opens May 1.