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Apr 14, 2008 01:43 PM

Girl's Brunch in Manhattan


I'm looking for some cute brunch places for a group of 7 or 8 gals on a Sunday around noon. We want a cute atmo, good food, nothing too crazy pricey, and a drink included wouldn't hurt either (or unlimited drinks for a fixed price). Any ideas? Being able to make a reservation is preferable. thx!

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  1. Check out Barmarche. Brunch is priced reasonably and has very cute/fun atmosphere.

    1. I love - my friends and I go (they have unlimited champagne cocktails, I think the pineapple one is amazing.

      1. Prune (no rezzies), Five Points (OpenTable), Marseilles (OpenTable), Clinton Street Baking Company (not sure if rezzies taken)

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          Clinton Street Baking Co. doesn't take reservations and probably won't be able to seat a party of 7-8 during the brunch rush (which for them is from 10am-4pm).

          1. A group that size is going to be considered a large party and many of the popular brunch places will either a) quote an absurdly long wait or b) not be able to accommodate you due to size of the restaurant.

            I suggest you look here for reservations / brunch / large group recommendations: