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Nevada City - where to eat?

Please give me your recommendations!

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  1. Just Nevada City? Which meal and what are you looking for?

    1. Citronee for upscale & I think it's called the Big A in Grass Valley for great root beer floats & every kind of humongous & delicious hamburger you could imagine. There's lots of recs for both places, but most are 2 -3 years old unfortunately.

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        That said, here is a fairly recent thread:


        Have fun and please report back on your trip. We're counting on you to add to the forum!

        1. My last few meals at the New Moon have been disappointing and I think the service has really declined. I find the wine list very expensive and not that interesting. I think I've given up on them. My last meal at Citronee was much better in all respects by comparison.

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            Here is a website for some places in NC...http://www.nevadacitychamber.com/memb...

            I can tell you about most of them. Starting at the bottom of Broad Street and working our way up.

            Stonehouse. Beautiful building. Great food. Very nice. I like it a lot myself and if I was to have one upscale meal in NC this would be ther place.

            Across the street is Dos Banditos. Very good high end Mexican. Great patio overlooking the river..Best place for mexican.

            Up the street is the National Hotel. Old school hotel restaurant. Steaks etc. decent but I only go here for the specials and coupons. Not the best. If you have an unadvenurous diner with you this might be the place for them.

            There is a new place farther up on the same side (N) is a new place, Lefty's Grill that people have really raved on around here but I have not been since it was Citiizens.

            Next up is Cirinos. Nice place, loud as hell usually. Good food good service. I like the atmosphere and the food is pretty good, but isn't over priced.

            Las Katarinas is next up the hill. I don't like it at all. Over priced run of the mill, nothing exciting mexican food. But, lots of people do eat here, locals included so they must have something I don't see.

            Back down the hill, on the other side of Broad street is Freds' chinese. Not much. passable chinese but I go to the place at the Brunswick Basin for the good stuff.

            There are a couple of new places on that side that I have not been too so I have no idea about them.

            There is a candy ice cream place on the corner.

            Classic Cafe is great for breakfast.

            Around the corner is Friar Tucks. Like the Stonehouse in quality of food. Clubby, dark dining room, more intimate. For me #2 choice in town.

            Farther up on Broad street is Citronee Bistro. Great place, seasonal foods locally grown etc. Very inventive cooking. wine bar.

            Pos Nosh.Never been.

            New Moon. Not my place. people rave on it, but I can't do that.

            On Commercial Street is Cafe Mekka. great coffee. great place to get an idea of the area.

            The burrito place next door, Tortilla Grill is very good. Great healthy mexican food. One of my faves in town.

            Sushi-Q. great japanese food and sushi. Pricey as all get out though.

            On Spring Street is another sushi place that is really good. Again pricey but it is very good fresh sushi.

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              Just learned from a visit this weekend, Stonehouse and Country Rose have both closed.

          2. Ike's Quarter Cafe on Commercial across from New Moon

            1. Just back from Nevada City with a food report. Thanks for your suggestions. We ate at Dos Banditos, which was tasty, but I thought pretty standard American Mexican fare. It was too cold to sit on the patio, which is a really nice feature. I was looking forward to eating at Ike's Quarter Cafe, but was pretty disappointed. I think the emphasis on being green and vegan detracts from what I would consider really yummy cajun/creole food. My husband liked his gumbo of the day quite a bit, but had to keep adding hot sauce. My blackened catfish po boy had hardly any remoulaude on it and the blackening mix was not at all spicy. The bread it was served on was obviously vegan and tasteless. I say more power to the vegans, but wasn't expecting that a relationship could be made between them and New Orleans style food. When we left there, however, we came upon a treat of a place, just down the block. It was Dedrick's Cheese. Wonderful place full of great cheeses and breads and other gourmet items. We bought a mini chocolate pine nut tart, after being served a taste. Tried Lefty's Grill where we had a good meal. My husband had one of their thin crust pizzas and I had spinach basil ravioli that was really delicious. On our way out today we ate breakfast at the South Pine Cafe, which is a very fun place, old Beatles tunes blaring, had variations of eggs benedict, mine CA style with no meat.

              Locals kept urging us to eat at Sopi's Tahi, but we feared another American Thai experience, with no heat. Anyone have any thoughts on that place? Also found a couple of fans of the Blue Moon Cafe, but didn't eat there. Some locals told me that Ike's Quarter Cafe had upset their stomachs because of the spices! Not my experience, to say the least. The patio seating there is great and they make good lemonade, but aside from that...

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                Thanks for reporting back. Sorry you did not care for Ike's much, it is different than most of the places in town, so that is why I recco'd it.

                Nice to hear about Lefty's. I have not been there but like their website a lot and have been wanting to try it.

                The thing about NC and Grass Valley is it is pretty mainstream (with a few exceptions)when it comes to food. Kirby's used to be great but they are long gone.Not sure if it is the lack of kitchen staff in those parts that they can't get chefs or the clientele. But even the best places are not really up to true hound standards.....

              2. McGee's Bar - Tuesday afternoons between 1:00 and 5:00 is when one should be at McGee's Bar of Nevada City. As a thank you to their loyal customers and aid in these tough economic times, McGee's hosts "Free Hamburger Tuesdays". Of course you can have cheese on that and sometimes even bacon. Erik the bar tender pours drinks while his wife flips and serves great burgers. Hey anything free these days is great. Oh, and did I mention the home made cole slaw? Also, great.

                Now don't think you are going to go in and ask for water and get a free burger. Come on folks let's be decent, after all it is a bar. And, even though the burgers are free, slip the wife a buck or two. She works hard to make those burgers and keep the condiments filled.

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                  Perhaps Tues. afternoons is the key, however, reviews yelp are not so kind, citing obnoxiously loud music, no seating, intoxicated 20 somethings.... etc. My question would be, how good and how much is that burger if one should choose to try on a day other than Tues?

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                    Unless things have changed since I was last there (not that long ago) McGees does not serve food normally. The free burgers are at the whim of the bartender and staff, not a regular thing. I know that manny also did burgers on omnday nights for football.

                    And McGees clientele changes around 9 PM. The drunk kids etc are all the nighttime crowd, During the day and early eves it is one great bar to have a few. Lots of locals, good conversation and the music is turned way down. Everyone on the staff is great too, very friendly, and make everyone feel at home.

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                      Thanks, BB1, that's good to hear. I checked this board's archives back 8 years and found not one mention, which now makes sense.

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                        Mcgee's is 2 completely different personalities. Tuesday 11:00 - 6:00 (hamburger day) Thursday 6:00 to closing and Saturday and Sunday 11:00 - 6:00. Due to the bartender Eric are friendly and mostly filled with locals and is a great time. Friday and Saturday nights are full of wanna be hoods, dangerous, drunk and stupid. It did not used to be that way, I attibute it to the night manager, too bad. As far as food in Nevada City the best retaurant in Nevada City is New Moon Cafe.