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Apr 14, 2008 01:13 PM


Which one for a sandwich and fries?

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  1. ive only been to carnegie...actually ive never been in but get delivery and catered lunch from them A LOT...and the food is just so awesome. i nearly forget about katz's deli when im eating their pastrami on rye.

    1. I much prefer the pastrami sandwich at the Stage.

      1. Niether. They both suck (in regards to Pastrami). Katz's is the best in town hands down. Went to the new 2nd Ave. Deli on Staurday night at 11pm and it was very good especially considering the time of night...I was not drinking just so you know...

        1. I will never go back to Carnegie - in between the terrible service and the tasteless food as well as the unapologetic waitstaff and the high prices.

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            I would go with Carnegie over Stage. As far the service and gruff waitstaff, to me that's part of the schtick . Good Luck.

          2. Neither. Go to Katz's. Better food and better prices.