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Which one for a sandwich and fries?

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  1. ive only been to carnegie...actually ive never been in but get delivery and catered lunch from them A LOT...and the food is just so awesome. i nearly forget about katz's deli when im eating their pastrami on rye.

    1. I much prefer the pastrami sandwich at the Stage.

      1. Niether. They both suck (in regards to Pastrami). Katz's is the best in town hands down. Went to the new 2nd Ave. Deli on Staurday night at 11pm and it was very good especially considering the time of night...I was not drinking just so you know...

        1. I will never go back to Carnegie - in between the terrible service and the tasteless food as well as the unapologetic waitstaff and the high prices.

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            I would go with Carnegie over Stage. As far the service and gruff waitstaff, to me that's part of the schtick . Good Luck.

          2. Neither. Go to Katz's. Better food and better prices.

            1. I agree with those who say neither. Katz's would be my pick, but if you don't want to shlep down to the LES, the second best option, in my view, is Sarge's, which is about midway between.

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                The pastrami sandwiches my wife and I recently had at Sarge's (based on hound recommendations) were disappointing - mild flavor dominated by salt. We liked the atmosphere, and the pickles were good, but next to Katz's pastrami, which is incomparable, we still prefer our Bronx local deli (Leibman's), Carnegie, or Artie's ( in that order). I haven't been to 2nd Ave since it reopened, but while I always liked it for deli classics (soup, liver, etc.), I was never a big fan of their meats.

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                  Sorry to hear that you were disappointed, Striver. We went to Sarge's in the fall, and our experience with the pastrami sandwiches was just the opposite. The meat had just the right amount of fat to make it juicy, it had great flavor, and I did not find it too salty.

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                    I used to put Sarge's up there with my favorite delis in the tri-state area, but it has definitely gone downhill the past year. It is much more hit or miss, but most times I have been completely disappointed with their quality.

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                      I also was very disappointed with my recent visit to Sarge's the other week!!! Yes, it's going downhill...

                      My pastrami sandwich almost tasted like ham, had a slightly processed taste, even though it's supposedly homemade...
                      and it was sliced too thin..

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                    Sorry you were disappointed by Sarges, but I stand by my strong preference of Sarge's pastrami. In fact, even though I've moved to 86th Street, I still go to Sarge's for my pastrami fix. I've been going to Sarge's for more than 16 years, and I've never had less than a delicious pastrami sandwich. I always order my pastrami "fatty".

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                      So do we - "extra fatty", in fact (as we always do, and have done for decades of pastrami-eating), and the waitress - who was friendly and efficient, btw - smiled knowingly at the request.

                      Look: maybe it was an off day, maybe our tastes just differ - I'd try Sarge's again if I were in the neighborhood and hungry, but last time we went out of our way to go there, and that won't happen again.

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                        To be honest, Striver, I kind of agree with you. I don't think I'd go out of my way for Sarge's as I would for Katz's. However, Sarge's is fairly close for us, so it's a good substitute if I don't feel like shlepping down to the LES.

                2. Most will say Carnegie but I disagree. It depends on what you crave. Pastrami? Train down to Katz's and skip both. Corned beef? They say Carnegie (I'm not a fan of the place). Tongue (love it)? Definitely Stage.

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                    Thanks for all the input. It had to be C or S as we had tix for a show in the area. Yes, Katz' is our fave, but never ate at either C or S. Selected C. and was disappointed in the food and the FF were just awful. The service, BTW, was anything but gruff, and we were entertained by the two little old wine makers from CA sitting next to us and were promised a case of their Pinot Noir when they return to CA. So, if they keep their word, not a bad meal!