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Apr 14, 2008 12:34 PM

dinner burilington/oakville

Looking for a place to eat in the burlington/oakville are. Birthday celebration any suggestions?

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  1. A little more information would be helpful. How much do you want to spend, age of participants, type of dining experience, etc. No way anyone can answer such an open ended question.

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    1. re: cynalan

      price not an issue. for a couple or a small group. Interested in a mediterranean place but open to other stuff.

    2. My two most favorite places for a special dinner are both in Oakville. Oliver's and Mye Japanes - both have web sites that you can check out.

      1. Paradiso on Lakeshore near the creek is really good. Had dinner there last summer and the service and food was great! It is one of a couple of Mediterranean places on Lakeshore between Trafalgar and the creek. Dinner for two was around $100. I had their lamb and would definately go back, especially in the summer when you can get a window seat and watch the world walk by.

        1. La Costa Nuovo on Brant Street near Lakeshore might fit your bill but if you want a really fine dinner, I recommend Blacktree near Guelph Line and New Street. In my humble opinion, this is one of the finest restaurants not only in Burlington, but the entire region. Chef Matteo uses local ingredients, updating the menu each month. He's trained in some of the finest restaurants in Ontario and I guarantee an excellent dining experience. I have often dined at Toronto's finest restaurants and this one ranks with the best. Make a reservation a few weeks in advance for a weekend.

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            I would second the comments on Blacktree..don't let the location fool you (it's tucked away in the corner of a strip plaza)

          2. Spencer's in Burlington, pricey but really good.
            Paradiso, there's one in Burlington too, in Village Square.
            Blacktree- I second all of Cyanlan's comments, really really good.