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Apr 14, 2008 12:12 PM

DC-Baltimore: Best Kept Secrets (Festivals/Events)

Last weekend I went to the Thai New Year festival at the Buddhist Temple in Silver Spring. It was wonderful! We were amazed that we knew noone that had ever heard it existed, let alone been to it. Such a shame.

In that vein, does anyone know of any similarly-ethnic/cultural gatherings? No particular ethnicity or culture required. I am not looking for a watered down block party (i.e., Adams Morgan Day, Greek Festival at the Greek Orthodox Cathedral in DC, etc.). I am hoping for something more - with alot of great food, some entertainment, and obvious community support. We are more than willing to drive!


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    1. The St Anthony Festival is in June and the St Gabriel Festival is in August:

      German Festival:

      I think there's another, smaller German fest in a park east of Ravens stadium.

      There's also a Jewish Festival but couldn't find the info on it.


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        Gay pride whether you're gay or not is a blast. Awesome people watching. I don't know the exact date though for Baltimore's version, but DC does one also & it's never on the same weekend.

        1. I have never been but I would like to go to this: