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Apr 14, 2008 12:11 PM

HELP!! Need to plan a Baby Shower- Tewksbury area

I am hoping that the CHOW’s can help me plan a memorable event…
Looking for a location to have a Baby Shower on Sunday 7/27/08.
Was thinking of having a Brunch or Lunch (buffet or plated)
Approximately 30 people (no children)
Looking for a location in the greater Tewksbury area

** No Chinese or Seafood food **

-- Also, interest on folks thoughts on Centro on Market St in Lowell, this was one of the locations we are considering.

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  1. Post on the New England board. There is a person, lexpatti, who knows the Lowell/Tewksbury/MV area foodwise. You can also do a search on the New England board for Lowell restaurants or Centro specificallly.

    1. French's Restaurant on Main St. in Tewksbury does event catering. Since they are normally closed on Sundays they might be able to accommodate you in their dining room.

      1. I've been doing some townhouse hunting, and drove up Route 38 last Saturday - what about the Tewksbury Country Club? I don't know anything about it, but a coworker said their food is pretty good.

        1. We're in Tewksbury. For my wife's 50th birthday (a few years ago) we rented the small hall in the Tewksbury/Wilmington Elks Lodge for a group of about 30-40 people. I did all the cooking - mostly que - lots of ribs and pulled pork, with some help from her folks that had come up from Oklahoma. It worked out very well - very reasonably priced. You could get someone like French's to cater, if you didn't want to do this yourself. Email me if you want more info (see my profile).

          1. Someone at work suggested: The Holiday Inn Tewksbury / Andover. Any idea how good the food is there?

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              went to several weddings there and they were all really nice with good food