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Apr 14, 2008 12:02 PM

Hamachi Kama at Yama - oh mama!

I happened to be in Andover around lunchtime on Sunday and having eaten a Flour Bakery + Cafe sticky bun for breakfast, we decided that sushi would make a good lunch. I ordered the luncheon sushi & sashimi special and my DC ordered 2 hot appetizers for his lunch: a baked dish of shrimp and mushrooms in a Japanese mayo sauce, and the Hamachi Kama, which is called Yellowtail chin on the menu. We shared a glass of plum wine at the end of the meal.

While everything was really good, the yellowtail was the star. The fish was incredibly buttery both in flavor and in the way it melted in your mouth. The fish collar was broiled (or baked?) and was served on a pool of pleasantly salty and sweet sauce - probably a soy + ginger combination. Neither of us had ever had Hamachi Kama before so we don't have much basis for comparison, but it is great at Yama.

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  1. Sushi Island in Wakefield center also does a great version of Hamachi-Kama which in Japanese means Yellow tail Head but in actuality it is the jaw bone section of the head. Sushi Island broils it serves it with a very nice ponzu type dipping sauce. Depending on the size of the piece two people could split one and be happy.