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Apr 14, 2008 10:58 AM

Looking for some great Korean BBQ...

coming from LA- there are plenty of Korean BBQ restaurants where you wait for an hour for fabulous food and lots of sides. Are there any restaurants like these near Philly? Where are they? Thanks!

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    1. Kim's BBQKim's BBQ
      (Korean BBQ - wood /hot coal grill at table)

      5955 N 5th St
      Philadelphia, PA 19120

      (215) 927-4550‎
      (215) 939-2056‎ - Mobile
      Seo Rah Bol Korean Restaurant
      2nd and W. Grange Avenue
      (215) 924-0100‎
      has decent naeng myun (also pretty good chajjong myun, champong -Korean-Chinese noodle dishes), good bbq (gas though, not hot coals). Kimchi and banchan is good here too.

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        Couldn't agree more. Both are great!

        1. re: SpdRcr069

          thanks for the tips! Can't wait to try them!