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Apr 14, 2008 10:56 AM

DENVER - 24 hours, 3 meals, pls. recommend

I just found out I will be going to Denver on business this coming Sunday (around 1pm) for a 24 hour visit. Never been to the city, and I will be on my own.

I'm staying downtown at the Grand Hyatt. Looking for recommendations for lunch and dinner on Sunday, and breakfast Monday.

I understand brewpubs are big, so I'd like to hit one of those for lunch. A quality brew on a Sunday afternoon sounds great.

For dinner I'm open to anything, but I love seasonal locavore type food, so any recommendations along those lines would be super. But really anything unique to Denver is what I'm seeking. I'll be dining alone, so if it has a bar where people eat, so much the better, but it's not essential. What is essential is that it has great food and is open on Sunday.

Finally, are there any well-known breakfast places for Monday morning?

Thanks in advance for any assistance!


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  1. For lunch and dinner, are you looking to stay downtown, or are you willing to travel? I wouldn't say any of Denver's best contemporary American restaurants, the ones doing the local/seasonal thing, are downtown. (Of course, the ones that are I wouldn't call unique to Denver.)

    Sam's No. 3 is a very well-known breakfast place, as is Snooze, both downtown; I haven't been to either, but I hear the latter makes some pretty mean pancakes and the former makes enormous everything.

    1. If you are willing to take a short cab ride, you can hit Fruition for dinner, which I believe is open on Sundays (at least there were people there when I drove by last night).

      I like Sam's just fine, but would definitely hit Snooze for Monday breakfast. Tatamagouche is right that the pancakes are killer (I am in love with the pineapple upside down pancakes), but a number of the savory dishes are great too. I particularly like their huevos rancheros.

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        Not particularly locavore but very good and convenient to the Hyatt is Panzano in the Hotel Monaco. It seves B, L and D (Tuscan-infuenced contemporary cuisine). Being in a hotel, it is congenial for solo diners -- if indeed you won't be with a colleague. If you don't enjoy sitting at a table by yourself, you can perch at the pizza counter or at the open kitchen. If chef Elise Wiggins is there, you'll be in for a treat. She's as congenial and chatty as a good hostess. And the food is very good.

      2. Thanks for these suggestions. I will have a rental car, so I have no problem traveling. A great meal is always worth traveling for, in my opinion.

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          In that case, I agree with Megiac that Fruition's a good suggestion (although it doesn't have a bar); other good bets might be Duo, Strings, or Opus (a bit of a drive); again, I haven't been, but have heard praise from (IMO) trustworthy sources. My own, slightly more downscale favorites along those lines include Table 6, Black Pearl, and Deluxe. T6 doesn't have a bar but it does have a communal table, and just started doing a Sunday brunch that sounds amazing. BP's brunch is good too.

          1. re: tatamagouche

            Heck - If you've got a car, come to Boulder and have breakfast or lunch at the Chautauqua Dining Hall. The wrap-around porch is one of Colorado's best settings for a warm-weather meal. Former chef Bradford Heap now runs Colterra in nearby Niwot, and I have no idea who's cheffing there. However, the setting in a lovely park at the foot of the Flatirons is priceless. In non-rush hour, the drive from downtown is about half-an-hour.

        2. Great recs from Denver's best chowhounds... I second (or third) the Snooze recommendation - close to you, low-key, and good food.

          1. Breakfast - Sam's#3 and Lucille's are both in Denver and both tasty!

            One of my favorite places downtown for dinner is 9th Door - they serve Spanish tapas. It has a great vibe and the food is excellent.

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              Fruition and Duo are musts. Sam's #3 and Snooze are solid breakfasts but I think Lola beats them both. But you'd have to go on Sunday instead of Monday. Deluxe is another good dinner place and Osteria Marco would be a good place to eat at the bar.

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                Lola has a terrific brunch, I agree; I'd rather go there myself, though it's not in downtown proper.

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                  We had an AWFUL service experience at Duo for Sunday brunch so we won't be back. There are too many fantastic restaurants in Denver to take that chance again...

                    1. re: tatamagouche

                      1. Took 15 minutes to get a menu AFTER sitting down
                      2. Took another 20 minutes to get COFFEE
                      3. Food order was "lost" so the food took almost an HOUR to arrive AFTER ordering
                      4. No apology or offer of discount/comp