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Apr 14, 2008 10:54 AM

Great Dinner at Stanton Social

Tried Stanton Social for the first time Sunday night, just two of us. Great looking place, but very tight tables for two. Squeezed in between two other couples in the banquette area, no big deal..

Ordered cocktails and took some time to peruse the menu, every item sounded really good. So we ordered a lot of food!

Herb-dusted frites with two dipping sauces -- great
Pierogies -- wow, amazing cheese inside
pizzetta with hot chile oil -- very light, really tasty
duck empanadas -- good
chicken and waffles -- great
hanger steak with onion rings -- really good, great presentation
kobe slider -- awesome
kobe philly -- awesome
social mac and cheese with chorizo -- the night's winner! Creamy, smoky and a great crust.

Dessert -- warm donuts with dipping sauces -- delicious

It was a fun night and we got to try a lot of things. There are even more things I'd love to try. Portions were a good size for tapas. Highly recommended for groups or couples..

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