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Jul 14, 2002 05:53 AM


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  1. I like Celestino (I'm assuming you're talking about the one in Pasadena, not Celestino Steakhouse). I think the dishes are interesting and well-made, and the service and atmosphere are good. It's not cheap or anything, but nor is it out of the price range you'd expect to pay for a nice Italian meal.

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    1. re: David Boyk

      Original is on Wilshire near 26th Street which is just into Santa Monica from West Los Angeles.

      Namesake and flagship restaurant of Celestino Drago, specializing in Sicilian food.

      In my opinion, an excellent restaurant specializing in an often overlooked region of Italian cooking here in America.

      1. re: Bob S II

        Are you talking about Drago restaurant? Celestino was the name of the original restaurant in Beverly Hills, on Beverly Drive. Mr. Drago has not cooked there in more than 10 years. Is it even still in business?

        1. re: Just Larry

          The location that was Celestino's first location on Beverly Drive has been at least three different restaurants since his tenure there. Mexican (with a French bakery), then Petra, a very good Lebanese place, now Mexican, again, this time it's called Frida's.

        2. re: Bob S II

          Yeah, I know. There's at least one more, Tanino, in Westwood, which is named after its chef, who is Celestino's brother. But the original poster was talking about Celestino.