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Apr 14, 2008 10:43 AM

Philadelphia Restaurant?

I am going to Philly for the weekend to celebrate my anniversary. We're having dinner at Vetri Friday night -- looking for something great but low-key for Sat night. We have plenty of time to get a reservation... Any ideas?

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    1. JAMES!!!!!!!!! I had one of the best meals in a long time there. Located on 8th Street and Christian. AMAZING!!!!!!

        1. re: DaisyM

          Agree the food is exceptional but I don't think I'd call Amada low key!

        2. Can you say more about what you mean by low key? I'd probably recommend one of our many great BYOBs. My favorite is Matyson. it's got a nice, relatively quiet atmosphere and fantastic food:

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          1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

            By low-key, I just mean not budget-blowing, crazy loud, or overwhelmingly heavy. Thanks!!

          2. I'd go in a different direction - what about

            Shiao Lan Kung
            Vietnam Restaurant

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            1. re: saturninus

              I'll second Lolita -- although you'd def. want to go earlier than later to avoid a long wait. Excellent food, and you can bring your own tequila which will help keep things on a low(er)-key budget. I finally got around to trying it for the first time the other weekend for a late dinner, and the food was absolutely wonderful. However, it was mind-numbingly loud. I have a feeling this had a lot to do with the time we went -- next time, I will definitely make it a point to have an early-evening dinner. I think they also have a few outdoor tables when the weather's nice, which could be a good option.

              I haven't been to Shiao Lan Kung or Vietnam, but if you choose to go the Chinatown route, I'll toss Rangoon (Burmese cuisine) in for consideration. Def. low-key and low-budget, and unique as well as delish.