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Apr 14, 2008 10:43 AM

Gaslight for Brunch?

Wondered if anyone has tried Gaslight for brunch and what your comments would be? If not Gaslight am open to other suggestions for brunch/breakfast on a Saturday. We'll be staying at the Four Seasons and the Bristol is always a good choice, but thought we might try something new. We've been to Charlie's numerous times and always enjoy it. Look forward to you help...thanks!

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  1. I think Gaslight's brunch is quite enjoyable, though the bill will add up if you get an eye-opener or two (they do a very fine Ramos fizz). My only nit was the portion size of the scrambled eggs with chermoula sauce, which was uncharacteristically tiny. Saturday brunch at Union is a better deal, and a sunnier venue. I'm also fond of brunch at Pops, Stella, Aquitaine, Tremont 647, and Metropolis. Petit Robert Bistro offers an excellent seven-day lunch menu (many egg dishes on it), and has a nice patio if the weather is good.

    1. I had brunch at Gaslight about a month ago. The service was a bit slow and the brunch food somewhat underwhelming (always very good dinner experiences). While prices were reasonable, the portions were still on the small side. If you do go, the French Toast was a hit at our table. Agree with MC Slim on Pops, Aquitaine and Metropolis (have not been to the other South End brunch spots).

      1. How does that expression go... Disappoint me once, shame on you, disappoint me twice, shame on me???

        Have been twice for brunch, will not return.... The decor/vibe is great, the food is passable, and the service is slow as molasses. No fewer than four polite requests for coffee refills before the fourth is acknowledged and obliged as if it were the first. I guess there's some logic in those goofy coffee urns places like IHOP and Friendly's leave tableside...

        There are far better spots in and around at which to enjoy precious weekend brunch occasions!